Life Without Wasps

Yes, the actual bugs, and not Episcopalians.

I was just about to do a thread called Life With Wasps, since a little coven of them had nested in on my entrance porch. But they weren’t aggressive and hostile – infact, they were kind of WASP-like, cool and distant. And their nest was no bigger than an oversized strawberry, or undersized prune. So I figure live and let live, and I didn’t report them to the management bug killing team.

Alas, today they were gone, nest and all. I wonder if one of my human neighbors took issue with my new bug neighbors? This was not a common entrance – it was a back entrance to my condo exclusively used by me to get out to the parking lot. I’m rather surprised anyone else would even notice they were there.

Are wasps so… flighty, that they would just pick up and leave on their own? There’s not a wasp version of a double-wide trailer that they would haul away with them, is there? I looked around and didn’t see any evidence of WWDs used, no little wasp corpses littering the porch or the adjoining lawn.

Their departure will probably remain a mystery.

I’ve never known wasps to leave a nest without winter coming on or a heavy dose of insecticide.

IME, the nest will stay there until someone knocks it down. I have dozens of abandoned nests on my front porch that have been there for years.

Do you have building maintenance that might’ve gotten rid of them?

I’ve seen wasp nests get rebuilt in amazingly short amounts of time when knocked down. In my experience, only insecticide has a lasting effect.

Your little friends may return sooner than you think…