Do Fireworks Stress Out Your Pets?

In this thread, some Dopers have said that fireworks are pure hell for their animals. It’s a complaint I’ve read elsewhere, too.

My cat isn’t bothered by them at all. We live in a state with “anything goes” fireworks laws, in a town where the cops look the other way. The week before the 4th of July, and on New Year’s Eve, my street sounds like a war zone. My cat, Jeff, is completely unfazed. Now thunder, on the other hand…

They were a big problem for Blackjack. We’d put his thunder shirt on and he’d ride it out with a lot of anxiety. He could tell the difference between fireworks and other loud noises and his arch-enemy thunder, but he couldn’t help his reactions.

Vaya gets a little anxious the first couple loud noises, but once she realizes nothing bad happens and Papa isn’t yelling, she pretty much ignores it.

The last few dogs I’ve had haven’t been bothered by them. I just adopted a new dog in May, though, and I’m anticipating his reaction. He seems to take things in stride, though, so far.

Our old girl, Grace, freaks out during thunderstorms and fireworks.
She gets up and pants and paces, and can’t relax. We dread the 4th of July and New Years eve. because of this.

Both my little dogs freak out. I have thunder shirts. The Siamese don’t give a crap, except they are intrigued by how the dogs are acting. They come to point and laugh, it seems.

One cat doesn’t care, but the other cat is terrified. I’m picking up his annual tranquilizer from the vet today. With that, he’ll sleep through most of it.

Not my current dog, but my previous dog would freak out. When we were in Kabul a car bomb blew out our window. When we took her to the US we had to get her out of DC every 4th.

One cat is terrified, one is concerned, one is skittish and the last one is oblivious. Wednesday night will be hell.

My daughter had an English bulldog. One 4th she was with a crowd setting off bottle rockets and other ground to air type fireworks. The dog got away from her and grabbed a lit thing that would shoot multi-colored balls into the air. The dog ran rampant thru the group shooting balls out the side of his mouth. She said it was the craziest thing she ever saw. No one was hurt. The dog suffered a small burn on his jowl. He was a psycho dog in all respects, but more so after that incident. He wasn’t afraid of anything. In fact he died jumping off a party barge in the middle of a huge lake. They never found his body after a long search.

My first horse was terrified of the noise. I spent the first 6 days of July sedating him round the clock, cuz fireworks aren’t just for the 4th. My current horse doesn’t seem to care.

My dog hates them. After travelling to a particularly fireworks-heavy location around this time two years ago, my dog was almost too scared to be outdoors for a couple of weeks. He never knew when the fireworks would start up again. He would walk a block, poop, and head right home. He’s better now but I hope we don’t repeat the experience this year.

We have two dogs, both mixed shitzus and pomeranian mutts. The older one is 11 and the younger is 4. The older one looses her shit over fireworks, she gets completely terrified. She is also terrified of thunder. The younger one is a bit… touched… and if I could describe her reaction it would be “dur-dur-durrr!” but that’s also her reaction to almost everything.

My dogs and cat are okay with basic fireworks. We live near enough to the MiLB ballpark that we can see and sometimes hear the display. They are used to that. Front yard fireworks, the kind you buy from the corner fireworks stand are not too troublesome. Close windows and doors and turn TV on…no problem.

This year there is someone in the neighborhood like a block over who is setting off really high powered fireworks. It sounds like an explosion, you can feel it, and hear it, even with the doors and windows shut and the TV on quite loud. These are freaking my pets right out. Georgie, who was in his crate last night, started clawing and pawing and biting at it to get out. I thought he was going to hurt himself. His crate is usually his “safe place”. :frowning:

The current dogs get excited and bark. My old (dead from old age now) dog used to bark at, get excited and actually chase and try to bite fireworks, no matter how active they might be. He actually came back smoking or breathing smoke more then once! He loved it!

We will begin sedating our Lab/Pitt Bull mix around 2 PM on Wednesday.
Our Boxer/Pit mix doesn’t like them, but doesn’t freak out.

Our family used to have a pure breed Lab that we had to start sedating 24 hours prior fireworks.

My friend has a Persian cat who shoots hair off at loud noises. She crates him before they start and she says you could make another cat with hair in there.

The cats are old hands at neighborhood warzone reenactments, and so is elder dog Bear. None of them LIKE it, but are pretty sanguine and at most just end up sitting near me for comfort. The young dog, Shoga, on the other hand, is freaking terrified of them. Last year I had just adopted her on Memorial Day and my old dog Widget was still alive. Shoga seemed to take heart from Widget and was relatively calm but this year not so much. She pants and paces and sticks so close to my leg she’s like velcro. The really loud ones make her shake like a paint mixer, poor thing. I’ve been giving her Benadryl in late afternoon to make it a little easier on her, and I think the cops are finally enforcing the $1000 fine for illegal fireworks because it’s been fairly quiet and we’ve seen a LOT of cops clustering up in areas known for their enthusiastic participation in the goddamned Fallujah cosplay games.

Both my pets are gone. My cat wasn’t stressed by anything; I don’t think a nuclear detonation would have gotten a rise out of her. My dog was trained to firearms and the usual firecrackers and things that go bang didn’t bother him at all. But those things that make the ripping-cloth noise as they shoot off and explode would make him cringe against a wall for protection and looking at me with that “make it stop” expression he would get sometimes.

Our much-loved former dog Sadie was terrified of loud bangs and booms, both thunder and fireworks, but came by it honestly – she carried several shotgun pellets in one hip and her tail the entire time she lived with us. I taught her to play tug during the booms – not just as a distraction, but because I reasoned that no pack leader worth salt would initiate playtime during a REAL crisis, so I hoped I was communicating “This is no big deal…BO-ring. Hey, let’s play tug!”

Current dog Luna is deaf, so we get to cheat the question. Foster dog Ginny is pretty feisty when she hears a dog bark in the distance, but so far she’s totally ignored the bangs.