Do fish (particularly sharks) fart?

I know this question belies my name, but my boyfriend and I were arguing over this. I say they don’t, but he says they intake so much air while gulping in fish and seawater, that they must.
Can anyone help us resolve this unpleasant question?

I don’t know about sharks, but salmon do…

Anyway, check this column out for a better answer.

Though I don’t know that it is exactly a settled question, I think it is enough on the topic to satisfy me.

May I direct you to Cecil’s columnon the matter?

As I recall, he doesn’t mention sharks specifically, but he covers it in general. For future reference, there’s a search engine associated with the web site, which, thought it works spottily, will provide answers to many of life’s questions.


Ah, well. Better late than never, eh? Damn vB code…