Do FSA rebels have OCD?

I notice in their videos they repeat Allah Akbar over and over like a person with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Not just a couple times do they repeat it but constantly. I wonder if people with OCD are drawn into the FSA. This video is one example

Federal Student Aid? Farm Services Administration?

I’m pretty sure he means the Free Syrian Army.

No, the idea is ludicrous. It sounds like a pretty normal reaction to watching a war take place in your home town.

In the US, we see people muttering “Oh my God, oh my God, etc.” after a tornado goes through their trailer park. Same thing.

Last time I flew we hit some turbulence and someone behind me was going through the rosary constantly for about half an hour at warp speed. Same difference.

Much more effective than the Captive Syrian Army.

Yeah, those guys never get anything done.

Isn’t repetition normally associated with Tourette’s, not so much OCD (co-morbidity between the two, though). At a clinical presentation, I believe it would be palilalia. Also, not speaking Arabic: is there any evidence that these aren’t just some random people hanging out on a balcony, albeit maybe not government sympathetic? The video says the airstrike is on rebels, not these rebels.

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I’m having trouble believing you are so naive that you are asking this as a serious question. This is closed.

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