Do Gamecubes suck?

I’m planning to buy one and the new mario Kart, plus it has a bunus disk with zelda games now. And i can get Rebel Assult. that’s all i really need.

As much as I wish you were right, the PS2 version is in fact superior. The GC and Xbox got shortchanged when it came to the port, and thus have vastly different gameplay mechanics. Read IGN’s Insider Head-to-Head article for more detail.

This is true. I think the Cube is as good a system as the PS2(both are better than Xbox), but it did get ripped of with that game. The PC version also was a rip off.

Gamecubes don’t suck, they blow.

There’s a little fan inside to stop it from overheating.

I’d say the main knock on the GameCube was that early games tended to be less than wonderful, either because they had great graphics but unexciting concepts (remember Pikmin?), or good concepts but very less than inspiring graphics (Zelda: The Wind Waker leaps to mind; the graphics are SOOO much more fun to watch in the old N64 classic Ocarina of Time). But I got sold on the idea that the console would be worth the purchase after watching cars flying through the air in Burnout 2. Gotta love smashing trucks and busses on an LA freeway. hehehe

All that I can say is that my kids love theirs.
I am a PS2 man, myself, largely for the Final Fantasy series. I also tend towards ‘darker’ games. But I have been impressed by the new versions of Nintendo’s standards bearers- Zelda, Mario, and Metroid.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a solid game system.

UvulaDaughter and I love the GC.

Yes, the Cube took some heat early on because so many of the games available for it were “kiddie stuff.” But more and more of the “mature-rated” games are being ported over to it.

And besides, the GC version of Soul Calibur II lets you play as Link. How cool is that?

I think the biggest complaint I have about the GC is the controllers, which I think suck. BUT…they do have some good exclusives, so I’m torn.

OTOH, I also hated the Xbox controllers when I first got them, and now I’d much rather use them than the PS2 controllers. They just fit the hand so much better.

Two words: Metroid Prime.

I haven’t played much cube/box/ps2, but the graphics are amazing. Some of the gameplay hasn’t advanced much. The Spider-Man game plays exactly like the ps1 games. The movement system actually drives me nuts.

Still, Legends of Wrestling is pretty sweet. Sunshine Mario is cool, but, like Spider-Man, it succumbs to the annoying as hell Tomb Raider syndrome where you run in circles and aren’t quite sure what you’re looking at half the time.

All in all, I think I like it.

Really? I played the bonus disc of Ocarina of Time and thought the graphics were laughably bad.

You’re joking, right?

Personally, I thought Windwaker’s cell-shaded graphics were very cool and much better than anything the N64 offered.

Wait, I loved Pikmin! I thought it was a brilliant concept (albeit, on the short side) and it offered some of the most fun I’ve had.

Those games are ok, but even Mario Sunshine isn’t the ‘classic’ game it should have been.

Try renting Eternal Darkness, (and make sure to play it for a while, because even halfway threw the game, there’s still more to experience). Try renting Smash Bros. and some more of the games listed in this thread if you want to see the system’s best.

Yeah, Mario Sunshine has nothing on Mario 64. Fuck those blue coins.

I don’t know what it is about GC exclusives but I find them unbelievably tedious. I just don’t sync with Japanese game making concepts. Don’t like boss fights, collecting, exploration for the sake of exploration, etc… I bought a GC after it was out for a while so I bought 5 of the top games at one time. Buying too many games at once often leaves you uncommited to any one of them so that may be a factor but:

Zelda:OoT - got 3/4 through it and just stopped out of boredom. Hated the combat and the puzzles were easy but tedious. The story was kind of cute and I LOVED the ocarina and the songs but, eh.

Windwaker: Didn’t play it because I didn’t get through OoT and heard that OoT was better.

Eternal Darkness - 4/5 done and stopped because I thought it was boring. Puzzles WAY too easy, combat tedious.

Metroid Prime - boring, boring, boring. Have no idea what people see in this game. Once again, the fighting is easy (with exception of boss fights) and the puzzles are easy. It’s just a matter of getting from one place to another and constantly backtracking.

Viewtiful Joe - I just don’t find this game interesting. I loved the concept of ducking to stun and then comboing but I was hoping the ducking part would get more challenging. Not particularly boring just not particulary exciting.

Resident Evil - Can’t say I gave this one a fair chance.

Rogue Squadron - This one is ok.
In general, I’m not thrilled with video game stories. The only stories
that even held my attention were Grim Fandango (incredible), The Longest Journey, Thief, and Planescape:Torment. Don’t quite understand why they don’t make inventory puzzles for consoles.

Personally, I like Xbox exclusives a lot better. I usually finish every game I start but haven’t finished any GC games.

KidCharlemagne , 3 of the games you mentioned weren’t made by the Japanese, just so you know.

That’s crazy that anyone would pay the $50 for Windwaker, get a ported version of Nintendo 64 Ocarina of Time as a free bonus, and then only play the free bonus and never look at the real game they bought!