Do Gamecubes suck?

I just got a Gamecube for my birthday and went to rent some games. The guy at blockbuster made some comment about gamecubes having the worst games. Is he right?



Definitely not.

Gamecube has the reputation of being the “kiddie” system, since they have many all-ages-appropriate games, and fewer violent “adult” games like Grand Theft Auto, where you beat up prostitutes and run down pedestrians.

But Gamecube has some incredibly fun games, and it shouldn’t matter how old you are to enjoy the hell out of them for hours on end. I highly recommend Super Smash Brothers Melee, Super Mario Sunshine, Simpsons: Hit and Run, Star Wars: Rebel Strike, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and the brand-new Super Mario Kart game that just came out.

Definitely not. There are lots of games that far from ‘suck’, and I’m pretty sure that no matter what type of game you like, (excluding perhaps DDR-ish games, etc…) you would be able to find something you like, and, IMO, is a better choice than the X-Box, but that’s because I don’t really like the type of game most of the titles appear to be (FPS). Some of the games might seem kiddyish, but some are actually quite fun (Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg comes to mind). In the end, in comes down to opinion, but I think you should check out some of the games yourself before deciding…


Nope, they don’t suck.

To the list posted before, add the Resident Evil series from Capcom.

I’ve had mine for quite a while, and everytime I wanted to drop $50 on a game, there was always a great one available. This doesn’t happen every week of course, but I live in the real world where that’s a lot of money.

The only games that made me lust for other systems were GTA and GTA:VC, and that Need for Speed game that they did horrible ports of for everything other than PS2.

And also add Viewtiful Joe. And I’ll see your Super Monkey Ball and raise you a Super Monkey Ball 2. And also add Eternal Darkness and Godzilla to the pot.

I own a PS2 and a GC (as well as a lot of older systems) and I’ve noticed that some video game store employees will refer to it pretty derisively. My guess is that they see GC as the “kiddy” system based on Nintendo’s track record and the games that typically get advertised for it.

I just Ikaruga yesterday, and that game OWNS!!! Holy stink it’s awesome. I think at the price, it’s a great system, and there’s so many games that aren’t available anywhere else. Almost all my games fall into this category. In no particular order:

-Ikaruga (simply awesome)
-F-Zero GX (love it)
-Metroid Prime (love it)
-Super Mario Sunshine (didn’t like it, mario 64 was better)
-Zelda: Wind Waker (liked it alot)
-Viewtiful Joe (very very cool, but maybe a rental)
-Super Monkey Ball (it’s okay, don’t get the hype)

All the above are exclusive (unless you’ve got a dreamcast). I’ve also got NBA 2k2 and Tony Hawk 3.

I say that even if you have another system, a Gamecube can’t be beat as a second system, simply because of all the price and great exclusive games. It’s my only system and I play it all the time. There are less games overall compared to X-Box or PS2, but the almost all the BEST games are on Gamecube.

Seriously man…get IKARUGA! If you like old-school shooters (the airplane kind) this game is simply unbelievable.

I’ve worked in the electronics department for the Evil Empire ™ and now I’m at Best Buy. Game Cube is a fine system as far as I know, but it does tend to have mostly games focused more towards family playability. If you ask me thats a cool thing, but then I’m not all that interested in shooting cops and running hookers over with a car. If that’s the kind of stuff you want I’d look at XBox or PS2, you’ll find better variety in the Mature rating stuff there. If you want fun puzzle and generic coolness games the GC is just fine.
And one of my firneds is totally addicted to Metroid Prime. :slight_smile:

GC isnt crap at all…

And to add to the list of games mentioned, these are probably games aimed at kids but Luigis Mansion and Wario World are so easy and good for a laugh. Both games are quiet short though. Oh and Double Dash is excellant :smiley:

Super Smash Brothers Melee is awesome. Easy to learn, difficult to master. One of the best party games ever. Featuring pitch-perfect level design, too.

And if you are looking for adult-style games Eternal Darkness is the scariest thing I’ve played since the orginal Resident Evil (and I played after midnight in a basement with a reverb amp hooked up to the machine).

And at the opposite end: Pokemon Colosseum is one I can’t wait for myself.

GameCube is an excellent system, although Nintendo better make sure it doesn’t go the way of the Dreamcast. That possibility seems to be decreasing, as the system cements itself into a number 2 position.

The only system I don’t own is a gamecube. Now that I have a gameboy advance sp, I’m going to get one… someday.

I love my Gamecube! All the games listed here are great, and you wanted more games to choose from, you could get a Game Boy Player and play Game Boy games on it, as well.

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:

In thirteen years of videogaming, I’ve never gotten into any game as heavily as I did into Metroid: Prime.

With the possible exception of 007 Goldeneye (multiplayer) and Fallout.

Mario Kart Double Dash just came out and it’s a blast.

…they have the Resident Evil series for Gamecube?

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is damn addictive on any platform, and the Gamecube version is as good as any other.