Do gangs have a legal existence?

I was reading this thread, which mentions that membership in a street gang is not covered by hate crime laws. To what extent do gangs have legal recognition, such as incorporation, for any purpose? Can the Crips sue Hells Angels and have the suit be styled “Crips v Hells Angels” with both sides officially appointing an attorney to represent the entire gang corporately? Could Mara Salvatrucha apply for and receive a government grant or contract and then subcontract out one part to Cosa Nostra NJ and one part out to Aryan Nations, at least in theory?

you could create a corp called Hells angels, Inc.

As most of these guys are criminal organizations making official filings may not be wise.

It Exists. Scroll down to the legalese at the bottom of the page.

The Hells Angels have launched lawsuits to protect their intellectual property. From Wikipedia:

Mother of Mercy, but any such official corporate entity would be a slam-dunk for a RICO Act prosecution:

So, creating an official link between the members of the unofficial gang hierarchy would inevitably result in the entire gang, or as much of it that matters, going down the moment any part of it did anything illegal.

Also, check this rap:

It goes on from there, believe me.

As for the Hell’s Angels [del]and Uncle Enzo’s[/del], those organizations obviously have clean enough noses that RICO doesn’t apply to them. MS13 would not, by my understanding.

Sort of, doesn’t do their street cred much.

Now if they’d swept into Disney World en masse to make their displeasure known…