Do Guys With "Peter Pan Syndrome" Live Longer?

A psychiatrist friend once told me that he would diagnose me as having this, and I kinda believe him, because even at 52, I’m really very childish and naive and take very little seriously.

So does that mean I don’t let myself in for a lot of stress in my life and I’ll live longer? Anyone ever done a study on this?



IANA doctor or mental health professional, but here’s my logical feeling about this:

If you are OK with your own code of conduct, you will probably live longer.

If you take care of your body and treat it responsibly, you will probably live longer.

If your behavior does not hurt other people, or you just don’t care what consequences your actions have, you will probably live longer unless you have an epiphany one day.

Less stress equates to longer life when taken on its own. Reducing stress by not quitting smoking, not taking responsibility for your actions, or not taking care of yourself will ultimately shorten your lifespan as other health problems will result from that tradeoff.

Peter Pan Syndrome?

Do you mean, like this guy?