Do humans have a native internal voice synthesizer?

I’m posting in MPSIMS because it’s possible that there is no factual answer for this. In fact there’s a good possibility that it will end up getting all philosophical.

I have written yet another Cthulhu carol to send my brother as part of his Christmas present. Although it’s to the tune of a well-known holiday song, the words of course are different. So, I have never heard this song sung by anyone at all.

And just now, I was doing something, and the song was running through my head. Wait a minute, I thought, just whose voice is that singing in my head anyway? I can’t be remembering hearing it sung, because I haven’t – I just made it up a week ago. It doesn’t sound like my voice; in fact, it doesn’t sound like anyone’s voice in particular. This is gonna sound weird, but it’s almost as if it’s the sound of someone singing the words in tune, without a voice involved.

How can this be? Can “the sound of a voice”, and “the sound of a **particular **voice” possibly be two separate formations? Has anyone done any research on the voice with which we think? I hope I’m stating this clearly enough for you to get the idea. It just suddenly kinda weirded me out. :dubious:

We can only speculate that while in the throes of your insanity you heard the voice of Nyarlathotep.

I guess you could say we have a built in synthesizer in that we can take all the sounds we hear and combine and modify them in our head–even to the point where it happens automatically.

As for what you heard, that’s pretty close to how my inner monologue always works. I didn’t know people actually heard real voices. And, as a musician, I’ll apply this to music. Usually I just hear the note and know that the words are being sung, even though I can’t “hear” them. It’s similar to how things often work in my dreams, knowing something is happening, even though I don’t see it.

BigT: I read somewhere that when schizophrenics hear voices, the cilia in their ears actually move, like they do in response to an external sound.

I’m not “hearing” the song in that way. It’s more like, you know how they say you see something “in your mind’s eye?” This could be described as my mind’s ear.

And, G0sp3l, I decided I really shouldn’t tease the friends of the Many-Angled Ones; so here it is: (ssssh! Don’t tell my brother!)

Cthulhu, The Lurking Horror

Cthulhu, the lurking horror
has some very slimy toes
but if you ever see him
it’s too late to look at those
all of the guys on hilltops
used to chant and call his name
trying to raise Cthulhu
and bring down the world in flames

yet one day the time will come
when we’ll hear them say,
“Master, all the stars are right.
Won’t you wake and rise tonight?”

any glimpse we get of him
is the last thing we will see
Cthulhu, the lurking horror
puts an end to history!

:smiley: If we scream in terror nicely, can we get an mp3 of that and the backing tune?

Dude: It’s “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” (you know… Cthulhu the lurking horror, had a very shiny nose…)

You may also be interested in the original Cthulhu Carol, and more for this year, and last year’s
Elder God Statue.

I will post a picture of **this **year’s statue (it’s awesome!), but not until after Christmas – just in case.

P.S. How could I forget? There’s one more: “Tentacles Are Coming To Town:”

you better watch out, for creepers and slime
it really is just a matter of time,
tentacles are coming to town

they’re writing his name, unspeakable runes
they’re chanting the same, I’m telling you soon,
tentacles are coming to town

he’ll eat you if you’re sleeping
you’re toast if you’re awake
don’t matter if you’re bad or good
'cos he don’t care how you taste, OH

ha ha, … “tentacles, tentacles, cnidae all the way!..”

I’ve been aware of this for some time, though I never thought of it as a synthesizer. But year, sometimes I “hear” actual recorded music (right now it’s John Lennon), but sometimes it’s something from my own imagination. I sometimes write music in this way. And I can “play” it with a human voice of my choice or any instrument, or even groups of instruments.

Oh, I knew it was Rudolph, I thought you were sending it to your brother as a recording. I have no musical talent so I can’t do it myself. :frowning:

Just think a bit of auto-tune and you could be the next youtube sensation. Or unleash unimaginable horror on the universe… Which, now that I think about it, are pretty much the same thing.

Heh heh heh!

BTW, G0sp3l, out of idle curiosity I googled the coordinates given as your location. (I"m always interested in regional variations.)

I see what you did there. :D:D

I wouldn’t advise taking a vacation at those coordinates. :smiley: