DO I get to start the Pres debate round 2 thread?

I usually don’t bother with these “debates” but I had nothing much else to do tonight so I tuned in. Some random thoughts:

Bush’s voice grates on me. He sounds whiny and pinched and his voice tightens up when he responds, which makes him sound more defensive than he intends.

Neither of them answered the questions they were asked. Kerry seemed worse at this than Bush did but that might be because of Bush’s habit of repeating exactly the same words as if repetition makes them more true or something.

Bush’s inability to admit to an actual mistake (that he’s willing to identify without fear of “embarassing” the appointee) is horrifying.

I know I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that should Bush have the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice that he’ll only appoint one who thinks Dred Scott was wrongly decided.

I’m going to lock this off because there’s already a thriving debate thread going on in(of all places) Great Debates.