Do I Have A Bone Bruise?

A couple of months ago my left elbow started really hurting, esp. if I rested weight on it, tapped it against a tabletop, etc.

It’s been coming and going but flared up over the weekend when I conked it into some stuff.

I bruise easily and usually have a fair collection of bumps and contusions from wandering around the house with the lights off, especially after closing time.

The pain is very localized to the tip of my elbow. If I probe or bump it the wrong way, it’s a searing and lasting pain. For some reason it reminds me of touching like an infected pimple/boil, that kind of hot flash of pain. But the skin’s not discolored or swollen and I kind of think it’s more likely to be the bone than the skin or the (thin) meat on my elbow.

YANMMD, I know. But just as a WAG, anyone had a bone bruise/concur with my presumption that I whacked this thing somehow or another and now have a bone bruise (I know they can last several months) that may linger for awhile?

See a doctor and get a proper x-ray

I thought I had a bruised bone in my foot about 10 years ago. Fairly high pain when walking, very little pain on touch or massage.

Doctor thought it was a bruised bone too, but an x-ray showed a hairline stress fracture.

…not that the diagnosis did much, the bone was one where the doctor said “I could put your whole foot in a cast, but…shrug” Treated with minimizing walking (I was doing at least 3 miles per day all over campus) and OTC painkillers. Had to wait for natural healing to do its thing.

IANAOccupational Therapist, but a girl in my office had this elbow pain going on, and I think it was deemed to be related to Repetitive Strain, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. One or t’other.

I had something like that in the other arm, tendinitis, and this def. isn’t that. It’s much more focused on a single point and less persistent ache and more YOWCH I can’t believe I banged that little spur/point on the desk again.

Hey, I have the same thing. Been going on for awhile, at first I thought that my elbow was just bruised from resting on the arm of my chair while I work. Changed positions but that didn’t help.

Also hurts when I put stress on it from lifting/throwing.

Interested to see where this goes.