I don't remember bumping my knee.

I’ve got a pretty good lump on the outside of the top of my left tibia. It’s sore to the touch. I can ‘tell it’s there’ when I straighten my leg. Funny thing is, I don’t remember bumping into anything yesterday.

Weird, eh?

I’ve lost count of the times my husband asked me “What did you do??” pointing to a brand new black-and-blue patch somewhere on my person. Chances are, I have no idea how it happened. When I’m on task, I don’t generally have time to notice if I walk into something or crash into something or whack into something. Plus I bruise easily, so it doesn’t take a lot of force to leave a mark.

I blame my mother. If she’d let me take ballet lessons when I was a kid, I’d be lithe and graceful in all my movements instead of klutzy and random.


Recently, I had two nickle-sized bruises on my upper thigh and a half dollar-sized one on my lower belly off toward the side. They had all occurred around the same time. They had nearly completely healed before I remembered that the apartment building entry card on my keyring (about the size of a credit card but thicker and stiffer) had gotten wedged awkwardly in my pocket as I sat down in my low rocking chair, jabbing me pretty good.

It’s rare that I solve the mystery of how these things happen.

I’ve got a nasty ankle bruise that I only noticed two days ago. No idea how it got there.

I get all sorts of bruises these days

I know I ran into something but as soon as I do, I forget about it and the bruises appear and of course I have no idea…

glad to hear its not just me!

Did the “I don’t remember bumping my knee” thing for almost 20 years. Even figured out the most likely things in my environment that I could’ve been bumping into.

Last time it happened I finally sought some medical attention . . . and had my gout (actually hyperuricemia) diagnosed!

CMC fnord!

Do you all have cats?

The thing is, it’s not a bruise. It’s a lump.

It occurred to me that I’d forgotten something in the car. I would have put my right knee on the seat as I crawled in to retrieve it. Maybe I bumped my left knee somehow on something?

I noticed an extremely tender spot on the back of my hand 2 nights ago, next morning there was a dandy bruise there. No clue.

To make it more mysterious, today the bruise is gone but the painful spot is still there.

It’s an alien, or more precisely an alien embryo. It was implanted as you slept and will slowly migrate up to your abdominal cavity from which, in the fullness of time, it will explode forth and destroy the world. Or at least your shirt.

Hmm. I was thinking thousands of tiny spiders would team out of the ruptured lump, but you may be right.

I get cuts/bruises/etc. all the time and don’t realize it for some time after. The latest one was on my finger yesterday. I noticed something sticky on my finger. It was bleeding. I hadn’t done anything remotely harmful for some time. Don’t know how it happened.

For me, it comes down to mental focus. If I’m focusing on something, all sorts of bad stuff could happen and I wouldn’t notice. And I’m lost in thought a lot. Which of course increases the chances of owies. Lose-win???

My knee was giving me problems a couple years ago - painful, hurt to walk (especially stairs), running was out of the question. Turned out I had a bone bruise near the end of my femur. You’d think I would have noticed it if I’d banged my knee hard enough to get a bone bruise, but I remember nothing of the sort.

This really hurts.

Am I the only one that read this as “labia”?

Have you considered that you may have a bleeding disorder? Have you ever had a surgery and had the doctors comment that you bled more than normal?

If so, maybe you should consider having your blood tested.

I’m also forever finding mystery bruises - and have frequent enough bloodwork for various reasons, that anything sinister would have turned up years ago. I actually had a clotting-time test before surgery back in the late 1980s, and it didn’t raise any eyebrows.

FCM and I probably just have flimsy capillaries or something.

My latest mystery bruise: on the inside of my leg, about 3 inches above the knee. How on earth did I manage that??? Usually my bruises are at least in a location that I could imagine jabbing / banging / pinching somehow. As a lifelong klutz of life-threatening proportions, I’m used to instantly forgetting minor dings and bumps.

Nah… not spiders. Probably just a snail (link is worksafe but just a titch queasy-making… I actually saw that segment on TV).