How did these bruises occur?

Background info: a few months back I had a cardiac cauterization, angioplasty, and placement of a single stent. I’ve been doing fine since. I take Aspirin and Plavix everyday (along with Lipitor, Atenolol, Norvasc, and Losartan)

So, I’ve become used to bleeding more than average. I use a styptic pencil for shaving nicks. I bruise easier than average. I hit myself with a hammer one day and had a nasty bruise.

But I have no idea how I bruised the medial surface of both knees! The bruised areas are tender to touch, but I can flex and extend my knees without pain. The bruising looks worse in person. It looks like what would result from riding a horse bareback, but I haven’t ridden in a while. I did yard work this weekend, but nothing I can recall to explain the bruising.


Do you read on the toilet with your elbows on your knees?

Heh, no. Reasonable guess. I was wondering about my posture on the lawn tractor, but I sat and no, couldn’t create a situation there either.

Been playing any vigorous games of checkers?

Nope. And the bruising is not where a checkerboard would sit. If I am sitting and slam my knees together (which I don’t recall doing) it the bruised areas match up.:frowning:

I can’t count the number of times I had bruises that just mysteriously appeared. Near as I can figure, I get involved in something and while concentrating on that something, I may walk into furniture or drop things on me or who knows what and I end up with all sorts of magical purpleness. One of my best tricks is to whack my arm on a doorknob as I’m walking past, only to be astonished some time later to see a lovely bruise at doorknob-level.

I guess what I’m getting at - are you a klutz, too? :wink:

Guilty as charged, but when those things (like doorknobs) happen I remember and expect the nasty bruise that I know is coming.

Were you squatting a lot during the yard work? I was very impressed at the bruising a recent hamstring strain gave me up the back of my leg and imagine straining your quads could bruise up like that from deep within.

I know several people who are on the same meds as the OP, including my brother.

Super easy bruising is par for the course. My brother (also a cop) actually had IA call him in on a welfare check because someone reported his bruises.

talk to your doc if it concerns you overly.

Oh I so relate to this! How is it that we walk through that same doorway 20 times a day and once a week our feet just have a life of their own BONK! It’s embarrassing to smack into the door frame too.

I also have taken an aspirin everyday for over 20 years and am constantly bruised. My hubby fears strangers will think he beats me.

OP: could you perhaps have slept with your knees together, or knocked them together?

OK, I figured it out. The bruises have continued to mature, so I narrowed their creation to Sunday. Going over my activities it hit me that the last thing I did Sunday was move a big ass ficus tree in a big ass pot. I was sun-acclimating it on our back porch and was moving it by dolly to the front deck. I lifted it (guess it to be 150 with a dry pot, but we’ve had rain) onto the deck and had it against my knees. Squatting down by it now, the bruises look like the pot edge.:smack:

What a relief!

Thanks for all the ideas. These are so damn nasty there had to be a cause and it was driving me crazy. I bruise the outside of my knees last month bracing in my kayak, but I expected to find those.

I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice.

It’s the Plavix and aspirin. My brother says he’ll bruise severely if someone stares at his skin too long. He carried a 50 pound bag of dog food into our Mas’ house and the next day both his forearms were hideously black, blue, and yellow. from the bags resting on them. And those marks were freaking huge. from his wrist all the way up to his elbows. Blech.

But, really, be prudent. Talk to your doctor. Make sure their isn’t anything seriously wrong.

No, I realize easy bruising is expected. I just couldn’t recall (a Lipitor side effect) how it happened. Starting to question quality/quantity of life.

On a lighter note, in the pics you can see my most painful tattoos. You’d never guess to look, but they are my kneecaps. Vitiligo left me with white kneecaps prone to burning while kayaking. I had flesh color ink put in; the kneecap area is thick tissue that had to be inked repeatedly. Over and over the same area. All so it looked like nothing.

What you did to both legs the same way ? You knelt down … you stretched the muscle … thats what led to bleeding there.

The tree is in a large pot and is very heavy. I squatted down, tilted the plant’s trunk toward me, and lifted. The pot was against my legs and would have caused brush burns if it slid downward. It was a stupid way to lift it.

The offending tree. my gf reminded me that the last time I worked on this tree, I used a pulley and climbing rope to lift it off the ground to root prune and transplant. Should have used my head this time instead of my knees.