Do I have to have a permanent address?

I am nearing retirement age and figure when I do I would just like to buy a motor home and hit the road.
With internet I can do pretty much any banking.
Is there a reason that I can’t?

You’d essentially be homeless, and hundreds of thousands of people live like that. Sure you can. You just have to find a place to receive snail mail, if that matters to you (social security checks, bank documents, whatever). Sometimes a PO box will work, sometimes not. Sometimes third party mailbox services can rent you a mailbox with an address, but sometimes they’ll demand an ID card with an existing address on it first. Or maybe you can just talk to a friend and use their address for your mail.

ETA: At least that’s the case in the USA. Not sure where you live.

Since March 1, 2013, Social Security requires direct deposit.

Still you do need a snail mail address for all that other mail that just can’t, or won’t, be delivered electronically.

There is no reason that you can’t do that. We did the same a couple of years ago. There are 3 states that make it easier for you to do this; North Dakota*, Florida and Texas. We chose Florida because we like it a lot and spend a lot of time there. We get our mail at America’s Home Base, which I think is run by Good Sam. All of our mail goes there and then we call them and tell them where and for how long to send it to us at any given location. All of our credit card billing addresses are now located there. We also registered to vote and registered our vehicles Florida.

You might want to check out the Escapees forum and

*It might be South Dakota, I can’t tell the difference.

You need an address for your driver’s license. Hard to drive an RV around legally without one. If you own an RV you’re also going to need insurance. I would expect that they would want you to have an address as well.

Over here, insurance premiums are linked to home addresses - if you live in a high crime area of the city you will pay more than if you live in a low crime rural area. How an insurer would deal with this, I don’t know.

I have known truck drivers that lived in their trucks; in one case at least, for many years; travelling all over Europe. He had all his mail sent to a friend’s address and then either collected it (eventually), or had it scanned and faxed. (no email then). These days with so much being done on line, I imagine it is a lot easier.

Anyone else a Jack Reacher fan?

Florida, South Dakota, and Texas are three of the seven states that have no income tax.

There are services like Earth Class Mail which will give you a street address or PO Box in a variety of locations, scan the outside of mail, scan the inside of selected items, and even forward mail or deposit checks for you.

It might be New York or New Jersey, I can’t tell the difference.

Reacher owns no property other than the clothes on his person, a folding toothbrush, a bank atm card, and a folded up passport.

I don’t believe he files a tax return. When he does drive, he does so illegally. And the bank has never followed up on the address they have listed for him.

So, you don’t have a license, Mr. Little?

My wife and I lived full time in a motor home for eleven years.
We bought a home in CO summer before last and are now snow birds. We chose SD as our legal domicile for a number of reasons. I am on a Kindle Fire right now and will post more tomorrow.

The guy in Goodfellas made many similar claims (never voted, never paid taxes, all property in his inlaws’ names – overall, no record of his existence but his rap sheet).

The address on our DL’s is the plate number on our RV. The DMV people in Fl are well versed in doing this. They registered our RV before we got a DL. We are not allowed to vote in local elections. Our address for voting in statewide elections and federal elections is the county court house. We serve when called for jury duty unless we are across the country.