What if I have no address?

I’m still thinking of selling my house and traveling year-round in a motorhome. I can use a “mailbox” service to forward mail to my next town, but what about the DMV and other such services that want a residential address? My insurance provider etc.

You can find places that will give you a physical address. Like the UPS store. You will get their physical address and a number to go with it.

So if the UPS Store is 123 Fake Street

Your address will be

Fake Name
123 Fake Street #123
Chicago, IL 60611

The Salvation Army gives homeless people drop addresses so they can get food stamps and such

Many states make using a mail drop address almost impossible since 9-11. Some states are friendlier to full time RVers than others - notably South Dakota (Very accommodating laws). You can get a drivers license and register vehicles and such with a campground or motel receipt and a mail drop address. Google “south dakota address” for lots of good info and businesses to accommodate you.

Really? They’re all over Chicago. You can even get one by mail. A lot of businesses use them so they can have a fancy downtown address.

I mean for a drivers license and vehicle registration. Here, you must also provide a physical address for those, PO Boxes and PMBs can’t be used alone.

Couldn’t you use the address of a friend or relative? If you trust them?

I didn’t know about that service at the UPS stores. I’ll look into it.
Also, thete’s a large community of “live aboards” out there.

You need to provide proof here for a driver’s license, tag renewal or school registration. Usually two forms, and it has to be something like a light bill or lease, it can’t be a cell phone bill or personal mail. You must establish residence, not just have an address.

You could probably use a cooperative relative’s address. I have run into continuing problems with merchants refusing to accept a credit card because I could not supply a five digit zip code (NY City fare machines, my US cell phone company, a gas station in St. Albans, Vermont 7 miles from the border) and finally a bank allowed me to use my son’s address as the nominal account address while continuing to send statements to my real address in Montreal.

The three most popular states we full timers use are SD,TX and FL.
You might want to take look HERE. There is a lot of info on why SD is popular.
For info on TX as a domicile see HERE

Also there is a lot of info HERE on what constitutes a legal domicile. A legal domicile is much different than a residence.

My wife and I have been living full time in our class A motor home for almost 9 years and still love the lifestyle.

That is making me think. What do states do practically? What is on the driver’s licenses of homeless people? I’d guess that many never get around to notifying the DMV that they no longer live at the address listed, but what happens if, say, Hapless R. Citizen is living in Virginia Beach, VA (with a DL, library card, car registration, etc. that all give that address). He loses his job and home and decides to remain in Virginia and live in his car and the street until the tourist season starts up again and he can get a job there, and he WANTS to do the legal thing and notifies the DMV that he is still a resident of Virginia, but he is homeless and living on the streets of Virginia Beach?

Or, say, he decides to up and move to Atlanta, GA, drives there, but can’t find a job and ends up living in his car there. Say that he actually intends to stay in Georgia and find a job there (physical presence and intent to remain, resulting in a legal domicile of GA). Can he get a Georgia DL? What if VA finds out that HRC up and moved to GA and decides to cancel his VA license? What does he do then?

That’s great, Diver. I’ve been to Texas a few times. I actually like Austin, for the politics and the music scene. Some Texans claim that Austin “ain’t part of Texas”. Go figger, huh? :wink:
Maybe I should rent a motorhome for a week or two before I jump in. Probably not, because I ain’t got the sense God (ahem) gave a goose.

We just changed our domicile to Fl. It was not that easy. Our address on our DL is now the license plate of our RV, our mailing address is a PMB# or a suite# at an actual address depending on what is required. Our voter registration is the court house. Being without a piece of land is hard.

I think officialdom is uncomfortable with not knowing where we are.

Speaking from some experience, you can get along without an actual address. I’ve got a vacation cabin on a relatively isolated island in the Washington San Juan Islands, and we have no mail service or street addresses there. We have the caretaker living permanently on this island, and at least one other full time island resident. They do have to provide some explanations to various folks about having no address, but so far, after getting some incredulous questions about this, they have had no real problems.

As a member of the Board of Trustees of the island, I have had several interesting conversations with the State Department of Licensing. Whenever we buy a new vdhicle for the island, we get the title changed with no trouble, but when I tell the nice clerk at the DOT that as we have no roads with access to the general public, we don’t want or need a vehicle license, it usually takes them a while to get around this. But we always succeed.

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