Do i need a food sellers permit? (Wisconsin)

So i opened up this store on mainstreet. We mainly sell services, but have a storefront space, so i thought it would be nice to sell some merchandise. I would like to offer prepackaged candy bars/ bags of chips at the front register.

Do i need a food sellers permit for this? The answers online are unclear to me.

Thank ya

TNWPsycho, that sort of legal question is best answered by your own lawyer, who’s presumably admitted to the bar in your jurisdiction and knowledgeable about the applicable state laws and municipal ordinances. Alternatively, your local chamber of commerce or some other organization may be able to advise you. We, however, really cannot. We don’t know your community, the local laws, or your business.

Note, also, that the Board has a rule against asking for legal advice, for the reasons discussed above:

Check with your county - regulations regarding food preparation and selling is generally handled at that level, rather than at a state or city level.

If you are selling non-perishable things like candy bars and chips, you probably do not need anything beyond your regular business license, but again, you need to check with the authority having jurisdiction. As you may have guessed, we’re not the AHJ.

I think the question has been appropriately answered. You need to see appropriate local authorities (the county offices might be a good start) or an attorney, not ask on a message board like this one. I’m closing the thread now.