Do I "need" a wood bowl to make a good Caesar salad?

I went to Celebrity in Tulsa last week and had one of the best Caesar salads I ever had in my life. The salad was made table side in a wooden bowl.

The salad itself looks easy enough to make, but I’m wondering if the wooden bowl she made it in adds any inherent value to the salad? Or is it all just for show?

No. It’s there for show. The bowl should add nothing to the flavor.

The wood bowl is “necessary” if you go the whole “rub the inside of the bowl with fresh garlic” route. Otherwise put the garlic in the dressing and call it good.

The well-seasoned, meaning never washed properly, coated with rancid grease from years gone by bowl. :eek: Yeah, more, preferably even more, garlic in the dressing. And lots of anchovies. Nobody puts in enough.