Do I need to log out?

Or is there an automatic log-out? (timed-out or whatever)

If we need to log out, then can the “log out” link be placed on every page rather than just the “home” page? When things get slow, switching pages can take too long. (hey, it will help speed up the site if people can log out faster, right? :slight_smile: )

Depending on how your cookie options are set in your user options (see the FAQ on being unexpectedly logged out for more details), you may remain logged in indefinitely until you go to the main screen and log out.

We can look into adding the “logged out” link on every window, but we try to minimize customisations of the board since we have to recheck all the customisations after each upgrade.

You actually need to log off if you want to log off. I’m at school and I have to log off, lest someone come in here and access my account.