Do "Invincible"-class aircraft carriers use an Optical Landing System?

The Royal Navy’s current Invincible class, that is. An Optical Landing System is nicknamed “the ball” on US carriers.

I haven’t been able to find any indication that they do, and it would even make technical sense if they didn’t, but I needed to check to make sure. Can anyone help?

Probably not as those carriers use Harriers which taxi in like a helicopter so an optical landing system would not be necessary. Probably would not do much anyways as the Harrier will land vertically on the ship.

When you say US carrier I assume you mean a CVN like this:

These do have an optical and infrared landing system to guide the aircraft in.

The US really does not have an “aircraft” carrier like the UK Invincible class. But, we do have LHD and other amphib’s which, in regards to aircraft, would be the closest:

Which, was my old ship about three years ago. I saw quite a few Harriers land. It’s pretty neat actually. You see the Harrier taxi in at like 30 MPH 160’ above the ocean, slide over, and then touch down. An airman comes out and indicates with hand signals how far the Harrier is above the deck and when the Harrier is low enough he signal the pilot to drop the engine speed. Hopefully, the airmen plots the descent right and the Harrier doesn’t drop.