Do Japanese Mothers Masturbate Their Sons To Put Them To Sleep?

Is it true that it is not an uncommon practice for Japanese mothers to manually masturbate their sons’ penises to help them fall asleep at night?

Also, is it true that in Japan, the parents sleep in the same bed with their children, and that this practice is continued throughout childhood? If so, do the parents have sex with one another while the childen are in the same bed, or are they asked to sleep in their own beds on certain nights??


Is it true that hate speech threads can get you banned? :rolleyes:

I believe this has been discussed here in a previous thread. Still, I’m at a loss to explain why the sons can’t just do it themselves. Freud and Pavlov would have had a field day with this one.

Because they would be too young, I would assume. I heard the same story about some african ethnicity. But it refered to babies, who wouldn’t be able to do it themselves.

#1 seems to have originated as a tabloid-style sensationalist report in Japan about the “overworked high-school-student with obsessive parents” phenom (“anything to help him make the high exam score!”). It’s not normal, not any more than the people on the Springer show are normal Americans. Of course, those lovely folks out there in Japan, the authors of porn comics, knowing a good sick kink when they see one, have proceeded to crank out several million pages of these scenarios thus further embedding it in the collective media-cliché consciousness.

#2 is more of a misconflation of various ways of living through history. Through most of the past, most of the population would indeed have grown up sleeping in the same room, on the same floormat, because that was all there was. Well, guess what, the-whole-family-in-the-same-room was the norm in a LOT of the world, through a LOT of recorded history. I’m pretty sure the Japanese managed the same way our ancestors did.

And how do you construct the OP’s apparently genuine question as being hate speech? To be so, it should be :

-A statement, while it’s a question

-False, which has not been established yet.

-And finally offensive, and apart from your “eek” factor, I can’t perceive anything inherently wrong with a mother masturbating her baby in order to put it to sleep.

Babies can do it themselves. I really, really hope I don’t need a cite for this.

Wasn’t the “original” report of the mother performing oral sex on her son?

Gawd, don’t let my mind have made that part up.

Yeah, it was oral.

Man, that just gives me the shudders.

Thanks, clairobscur.

To clarify, I’m not suggesting that their is anything ‘wrong’ with either of these two practices, I’m just looking to verify some things I had read over the weekend.

And JRDelirious’s point about families sleeping together being the ‘norm’ throughout human history is well taken.

Here is the “original report.” As you can see, the source for this ranks right up there with some of the goofier tabloids available in the US and UK.

Some time ago I was visiting a couple who have two young daughters. We were in the living room and the one aged almost 4 was watching TV, sucking her thumb, sitting on an armchair with her legs spread out, one over each armrest. She looked quite cute and I called her mother’s attention to her as we talked. The mother looked at her and said to me “Yeah, she masturbates all the time”. Only then did I realize her other hand was down her pants and what she was doing with it. I was quite embarrassed for a moment but thank goodness the conversation just went on. I was just taken aback for a moment at how naturally it was said. In later visits I have noticed the girl does enjoy touching herself and sucking her thumb and nobody has told her not to do it. I hope she stops doing it in public before she turns 18.

It seems to me boys could do it just as well.

As far as I understand, technically it is only masturbation when the person has reached sexual maturity, read puperty.

You can already see very small babies (less than 6 months), uh, “touching” themselves.

aged 4 or aged 14 ?

Talk about turning the tables.

I keep imagining it now being the mother turn to ask the son…

Are we almost there yet?
Are we almost there yet?
Are we almost there yet?

You’re saying that a false, offensive statement is tantamount to “hate speech”?

Re: you’re value judgment on the act in question, I’m guessing a few tens of millions of Americans would have a major problem with this, especially if it involved, say, a father and his daughter. What the hell’s wrong with a lullabye?

Rock-a-bye, baby
In the treetop
When the mom blows
The libido will rock
When the kid breaks
The joy juice will fall
And down will cum baby
Color me appalled

You make it sound like some bizarre culture-specific practice known only in Japan. Plenty of people around the world, including Americans, sleep in the same bed with their kids.

I believe most people have sex elsewhere or while their children are not in the bed with them.

Here’s a message board of folks who share their beds with their kids:

Is that a joke?

To the OP: There have been many cultures that have had practices that would be considered sexually deviant (even criminally so) in our society. In a Human Sexuality psychology course I remember briefly studying some practices that sounded like the OP, although I don’t think it was Japan.

In particular, I remember one culture where it was accepted for the males to perform fellatio on boys when they reached puberty. Don’t believe me until I find a cite (no time for that now).

You’re probably thinking of the Sambia, who believe that boys must ingest semen in order to become men.