Mom "rewards" son for good grades.

Gives a whole new meaning to “studying hard”. :eek:

I… I don’t know what to say.

The Harrad Experiment meets All In The Family.

:eek: :confused:

Good lord, tell me this isn’t real.

“But mom, I want to do it with you”.

Hello! I think what’s in order is some counselling, not a hummer…sheesh.

Uh…words fail me.

All of a sudden I feel much happier with the American education system, how about you guys? :slight_smile:

I know there are Japanese manga (comics) about this sort of stuff, but for real??? :eek:

:::insert your own joke here:::

Those wacky Japanese, eh?

I thought that sort of thing only happened in Oklahoma…!..

::exits room to boil his eyeballs and scrub his brain with Clorox::

Damn! That is extremely f**ked up.

Hey Oedipus, let’s study at your house tonite.

OK. For real now. Let’s talk about this. It may be a slight hijack to the thread, and God knows I don’t know squat about Japanese culture (save an unfortunate run-in with Natto in an L.A. sushi bar)…

…but how much of this are we willing to attribute to “cultural differences”? I imagine that quite a few posters here have more knowledge of Japanese culture than I, so let’s say it’s a culture we’ve never heard of, and that it’s a common practice in this particular culture for Mom and Junior to get it on between his Algebra and History assignments.

Do we still think these people are sick, sick, sick, or can we argue “different strokes…” (uh… no pun intended)?

Here comes another one of my anecdotes…

My sister married a guy from Nigeria. At the wedding, he engaged in behavior that I thought was pretty damn rude (though not horribly shocking, I mean his mom wasn’t giving him a hummer in the vestibule or anything). My guess was that he just didn’t really know (and my sister didn’t tell him) that it’s rude in America to, say, basically walk away from your own wedding reception (and I mean RIGHT after the vows), leaving your bride there to explain to inquisitive guests (who haven’t even had the chance to meet you) that you “weren’t feeling well” (meanwhile you’re in the basement watching football on TV and yukking it up with your friends). I could go on, but you get the picture…

I was angry at the time, but later chalked it up to cultural differences (because the only alternative was to believe that he knew, and just chose to be a complete asshole).

I was talking to a friend about it, however, and she said that as horrible as it might be, it didn’t really matter whether such behavior was OK in his culture or not.

“It sucks to say,” she said, “but we’re looking at it from OUR cultural perspective, and that’s the environment he’s in NOW, so we CAN be angry about it.”

She elaborated:

“I mean, if you kill my mother, I don’t CARE if killing mothers is part of your culture–I’m still gonna hate you. If we go out on a date and you tie me down and shit in my mouth [hey–I’m just quoting my friend, here], I don’t CARE if it’s part of your culture–I’m still going to think you’re disgusting and am never going out with you again.”

Not a bad point.

So. About those Japanese moms…

What say ye, in light of these arguments?

Just curious…

Man. All my sister and I got if we brought home good grades was ice cream.

I don’t care what your culture says-that’s disgusting.

well, the most important thing to remember about this is that that is the WaiWai column. it’s their job to dig up that sort of thing. just look at some of the archives…

but, it also wouldn’t suprise me if you could find something similar in the US. it’s probably there, it’s just more difficult to find, due to cultural differences and how WaiWai specializes in digging this sort of thing up.

but, as for opinion…

heh heh heh. that was funny in january, and it’s still funny now.

heh heh heh…

From this thread

Bolding mine.

Oh my.

Um… EW!!!