Do Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul have an ulterior motive in breaking with Trump on Saudi Arabia?

It’s sad but I find it nearly impossible to believe that Graham’s and Paul’s criticisms of Trump regarding his non-response to Saudi Arabia in the wake of Khashoggi’s murder are actually based on human rights. Are there more likely reasons for this break from their new best friend? Do either have lobbying pressure that bias them against SA or is there some other reason I’m not aware of? Thanks.

I suspect it gives them cover when accused of being his bootlickers.

If Trump said he supported the rape of baby goats by billionaires, there’d be a parade of Republican Congressmen and Senators coming out against it. But really, what does “breaking” with Trump mean in that instance? It’s all bullshit because they lick his boots when it really matters.

Is Paul a Trump bootlicker though?

Maybe not Paul.

Paul is actually a Republican who has gone against Trump, so I guess his breaking from Trump on this shouldn’t be as much of a surprise.

Rand used to antagonize Trump but they’ve been allies for the last year or so. Rand started slamming the Russia investigation, supported Trump in stripping security clearances of Brennan, et al., lauded his diplomatic acumen in Russia, and supposedly changed his mind on Kavanaugh to maintain his relationship with Trump. Now they speak on the phone regularly and take golf trips together to Bedminster.

Sure, but he votes with Trump on a lot less stuff than a lot of Republicans, and a lot less than you’d expect him to.

So, he’s no hero, but he’s also not a bootlicker per se.

Is Lindsey getting ready for a run in '20?

Edit: I just responded thinking you asked about Rand. Have less of an opinion on Graham.