Do men live with poodles?

I like (standard) poodles, and plan to adopt one when I retire. My friend Matt wants me to adopt a more “manly” dog, and says men don’t have poodles.
It’s that last part I disagree with.
So my only question is, do many men have standard poodles as companions?
I’m not looking for opinions, just the facts (ma’am).

John Steinbeck certainly did, his book Charley and Me is about his travels through the US with his standard (not automatic) poodle.

Poodles are great dogs. I think they are plenty manly as long as you don’t get one of those fancy clips that show dogs use. There is a reason they are used in so many cross breeds. My brother has a labradoodle and I love that dog. Maybe you could get one of those if you think that makes them more manly.

You will, however, need to groom your poodle or pay someone else to do it. The first time you say “I’m sorry I can’t watch the game, I have to groom my poodle” you will feel somewhat less masculine, but I imagine it gets better with time.

Poodles are actually one of the smarter dog breeds. I’m told they are pretty easy to train.

My father has two and is plenty manly.

It doesn’t feel so GQ in here, I’m frightened.

One of my guy friends who still lived with his parents had a small poodle mix (it looked mostly poodly, and it was black and very small). His dad loved the hell out of that dog, and so did he.

Why you hang around people who take broad gender stereotypes seriously might be a better question :wink:

James Thurber had a standard poodle whom he adored. He wrote several lovely pieces about her. He also had a Scotty with whom he had a very frosty relationship.

Poodles are smart, affectionate and playful. Matt sounds like kind of a twerp. Easy choice, imo.

I know a guy who’s a second-generation Standard poodle owner, a hobby he picked up from his father. The breed has specific health problems, however, and he’s already lost one poodle to GDV, a fast-acting and horrible way for any animal to die.

#2 according to one metric.

Toy poodles are one the most effeminate dogs you can own (GQ answer althouhg I expect a move). Standard poodles are fine. Not extremely “manly,” but not “girly” either.

Miniature or toy poodles have almost nothing in common with standard poodles. Toy poodles are living ornaments. Standard poodles are hunting dogs.

Wikipedia entry on poodles.

Look at the top picture on the page. Does that look like a prissy froo-froo chick’s dog? FUCK NO. That is a BEAST. That is an untamed fucking hound of goddamn hell and it WILL EAT YOUR FACE.

You can’t run from poodles.

You can’t hide from them. They will SNIFF your SMELLY ass out, and then EAT IT. ALONG WITH YOUR FACE.

It takes a man of unbreakable will and character to control one of those vicious things.

Some men wear skirts. Some of them aren’t even Scottish. Some men carry a purse, though they may also call it a ‘murse’. Some men paint their nails and wear mascara, though they aren’t prone to heels. Whatever.

It all comes down to the expression: it takes a big man to cry, and a bigger man to laugh at that man.

It’s not like you’re asking if it’s manly (or if many men) to wear a brown belt or to order peas instead of carrots. Poodles are known as girly dogs, whether they can eat you with or without Splenda brand non-caloric sweetener. It’s certainly possible for a man to own one, but with limited exception, he starts off one chit behind on his man card. If full points are important, then it matters. If not, then whatever the general public thinks is nonconsequential.

Unfortunate, because they are hunting dogs.

Oh should say: turn in your man card if you ever do this to your poodle. It’s not so much “unmanly” though as much as “butt-ugly.”

Or this miniature (bigger than a toy), who looks incredibly pissed.

Standard (real) poodles are about as manly as a dog gets.

I (a man) am now on my second standard poodle. I keep it trimmed in a short cut, not a show cut. “The beast” weighs 60 pounds, it runs, it fetches, it knows tricks and every once in awhile it tries to hump another dog, even though it was neutered while still a puppy.

How much more manly can you get than trying to have sex even though you’re castrated?

Large poodles were originally bred to be hunting and retrieving dogs. Their temperament is often much like a Labrador’s.

Meaning they’re surprisingly rugged, outdoorsy dogs who love swimming, when they get a chance.

Men who THINK poodles are prissy, feminine dogs would be surprised at how “macho” they can be.

Everything I’ve heard about regular poodles is that they’re great dogs. If you meet a poodle you like and want to adopt it, I say go for it and tell Matt that he should worry less about what other people think.

My experience, growing up in a house that supported three successive standard poodles is, they are superb animal companions whether you are still wearing your high school tighty-whities or a stylish turquoise thong. I would caution, however, they seem to be one-man dogs. If you live alone, Pierre will be your bestest buddy, but if you have a significant other, Pierre may form a bond with them.

ANY dog…individual or breed that can run and FINISH the Iditarod is ANYTHING but wimpy…

Poodles in the Iditarod

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