Do Men's Eyebrows tend to start growing longer as they get older?

When I was younger, I don’t ever remember being conscious about my eyebrows. There were much like the hair on my arms, just there, and basically staying the same length.

However in the last 5-10 years, I have to trim my eyebrows about every 3 weeks or so. The hairs are long enough to some of the hairs grow to over an inch long.

I have noticed many older men with very long eyebrows. Kind of like this guy. But I don’t think I ever see a young guy with really long eyebrows.

I can’t speak for other men, but I have to trim mine every few weeks. If I let them go for over a year, I could probably braid them.

This started maybe in my mid-30s.

Yes. It’s one of the long-term effects of having so much testosterone in one’s body.

Yep, better have a look see around your ears as well.

I think it’s especially prolific if you’re in academia. Some of their eyebrows look like they’re ready to filter krill.

Mine have started up as well. I quite like them, but then I’m going for an Evil Mad Scientist look.


Remember the old guys in the politburo pictures that came out of Moscow every few years? Talk about some serious eyebrows…

Yep, over the last couple of years I’ve noticed a marked increase in eyebrow length. Not uniform, unfortunately - a few here and there that like to stand out from the crowd. I trim 'em. If all of 'em started doing that I’d probably let 'em grow for a while, but as it is it looks scruffy so down they go.

sort of a “male” menopause then?

We prefer ‘manopause’.

That sounds better than a ‘womenopause’.

I have a few rogue eyebrow hairs that I need to snip. Funny, even if I pluck the bastards out, new rogues grow back in the same location.

And, yeah, I’ve been shaving my ears for a while now too.

The first time I went to the barbers after I turned 30, as if by magic they offered to trim my eyebrows. :frowning: (They had no idea how old I was, BTW)

My dad has ridiculously bushy eyebrows, and he won’t let anyone trim them. They’re long enough that I bet he could comb them into his hair, covering his whole forehead.

Think Dennis Healey, although my dad’s hair hasn’t receded at all.

I noticed some of my eyebrow hair starting to grow in longer about the time I turned 45.

I plan to just let them keep growing in the event I start balding and need a combover.

As others noted, it’s not just eyebrows. Ear hair and nose hair also go wild and need weekly attention.

Can anyone recommend a high quality, inexpensive, electric nose/ear hair trimmer then?

I aspire to have great bushy eyebrows like John L. Lewis. Also gouts of bristly hair sprouting from my ears and big yellow teeth like an old horse. I’ve never been attractive to women before, why hope for anything else now?

Manopause: when everything starts to get bigger, hairier and closer to the ground

Definition stolen from Red Meat

My hair stylist started trimming my eyebrows a few years back (I was probably about 40 at the time), after she noted that a few were getting longish. She does the trim now as part of my regular every-4-week haircut.

A few years ago, I saw an older guy on the L, whose eyebrows were so out of control that he looked like Thufir Hawat from Dune.

im 27 and i trimmed my eyebrows for the first time last week. they have been connecting together to form a single brow for several years now, i shave them apart

Bushy unibrow… there’s an unsettling concept.