Do military veterans or off duty cops respond to mass shootings differently

*differently than the general public
I have no idea how people respond to mass shootings. I know it’s common for off duty cops, when the shit goes down, to take control of the situation and try to either gather evidence to take control. I assume those personality traits become ingrained to the point where even if you’re not a cop anymore or just at the store that side comes out.

In general how do veterans respond? Does it vary from combat veterans to non combat ones? If someone shoots up a public place do veterans tend to respond differently than the general public?

Im not even sure how the general public react. I assume they freeze or run for the most part.

I’m sure it varies from person to person. One data point:

from here:

I would expect combat veterans would respond very different from non-combat vets. I would probably help out in a fire, had lots of training and then was on fire teams post Navy with my jobs but I would be running/hiding if a shooter was spraying bullets.