Do Moderators get paid?

Or is it just voulenter work? Cause it would be kinda cool to do, but I don’t know if I’d do it jsut for fun, it’s a lotta work, right?

They’re volunteers with cool SD coffee mugs. :slight_smile: And yup, it’s a lot of work.

All that we get for this is a SD Staff coffee mug and the undying thanks of a grateful nation.

Oh … and an occassional blow job.

A grateful planet, Euty. :wink:

[sub]I do get paid. Just don’t tell the others that, OK? They’re so happy with their mugs and all.[/sub]

Don’t believe what the Mods tell you. I’ve snuck inside Coldfire’s basement. There’s a secret door behind in the clothes dryer (don’t climb in if it’s on.) Behind that, a vault door. Past that is an underground cavern leading to a huge square underground money-bin. I managed to get to the front door without triggering any of the land mines. I picked the lock and snuck inside. There, to my horror, I found that almost all of the interior was one, single, huge room, filled with every conceivable coin, from copper pennies to kruggerands, from pfennings to fifty cent pieces. Gold dubloons, and, in a bell-jar, under shatterproof glass, resting on a bed of ermine, was Coldfire’s number one dime. The very first he was every earned from Cecil.

Suddenly I heard a noise in the money-bin. I peeked in. There was Coldfire, completely naked swimming around in three cubic acres of cash! He was muttering something about how he “loves to dive around in it like a porpoise, burrow through it like a gopher and toss it up and let it hit [him] on the head!”

And of all the mods, he gets the lowest salary! Imagine what someone with real power like Lynn or Tuba or Dex gets paid! :eek:


Uh oh. Coldy, I think Fenris is on to ya. It appears he’s discovered that in real life you’re Scrooge McDuck. And the Admins are really Huey, Louie and Dewey.

Hmmm…Then I suppose that I’m Flintheart Glomgold, Veb is Magicka DeSpell…but then who would you be? Donald? Gyro? A Beagle Boy (176-671?), or…

of course!

How does one become a moderator? I remember when I firs joined the boards, Coldfire was not a mod, then I took a small hiatus, and when I came back, he was a mod. How does this happen?

I think Coldy blackmailed Ed Zotti to get the position. The rumor I heard was that it involved Ed with two ostriches, an iguana and a jar of marmalade.

Heh. No, they blackmailed me into taking this gig. :wink:

Incidently, here’s some background info on how to become a moderator.

Seriously, what you do is to e-mail to apply. Some of the criteria, as I understand, are that you need to have been around the boards for a fair amount of time (to be familiar with what goes on and how things are done), have the free time to check over a given board on a regular basis, and the desire to be helpful to fellow posters. A fairly mellow disposition is pretty standard as an expectation as well. O mighty Mods? What’d I miss here?

The “fairly mellow disposition” is fuckin’ optional. Otherwise, spot on, you bastard :wink:

Hell yea. They come at you with their phat nines and mack you for all your bling-bling.

Kat, I believe you’re right, except that it wasn’t marmalade. It was pickle relish; aka the “bling-bling” Biggirl refers too.

Lends new insight into the phrase “money laundering”, doesn’t it?

Wash your hands, now.
You have no idea where it’s been.