Do monkeys (or chimps) really love to eat a cartoonish amount of bananas?

I said, “When someone asks me why I have crabapples in my cheeks, I point out that they are rubber balls, and they are in my hands. I don’t know if it ever worked, though, because it’s hard to make people understand you when you have crabapples in your cheeks”

It is popular because bananas are funny too. Just look at the shape of them.

This also works with female humans. (Except that then it is usually cow meat.)

What’s the appeal?

The appeal was confirmed.

Well, it might have helped if it had actually been funny. :wink:

A monkey eating a banana looks like someone giving a blow job.


Variation thread:

Why do cartoonists use banana peels as gag items that people slip on?

I’ve actually rubbed a banana peel on a piece of concrete in the name of Science and found, technically speaking, Nothing Special.

Yep, saw it recently on a reality show on animal planet or something. For the orangutan’s meal, they dumped maybe 200 pounds or so of bananas and that was their meal.

I’m Chiquita Banana and I’ve come to say - I’m tired of primates eating me every day.

But…they CHEW :eek:

For zoos, they are fruit, which monkeys like.
And they are a cheap fruit, being readily available in grocery stores.

And having a short ‘sales life’ once in a store – once they begin to show the littlest bit of brown spots on the skin, most consumers will pass them over. Grocery store employees generally have to remove ripe bananas from the display once a day, at least. They can use some of those in their deli to make fruit salad, and some in the bakery for banana bread, but most get thrown away. And stores pay to have their trash hauled away. So it would be pretty easy for a zoo to arrange to buy these ‘overripe’ bananas for a very cheap price. Or they could talk to the local grocery wholesale produce warehouse, which has the same situation in even greater volume.

Bananas, cheap?!?!

Since I looked it up,

2.9 million metric tons putting Tanzania in 7th place in the top 10 banana producing nations in 2010.


It was a joke.

Banana. Appeal. Get it?

I got it. A little sugar over here, if you don’t mind.

Mutilated monkey meat!

You can tll they’re Highland Bananas by the tilt of their kilt. :_

Those weren’t bananas in your ears, that’s the monkey meat they stored for a bit.


Chopped up parakeet?

I believe I can say without fear of contradiction that monkeys and chimps come much, much closer to eating cartoonish quantities of bananas than cats do to lapping up cartoonish amounts of milk.