Do mosquitos breed in the rain?

We all know that standing water is a standing invitation – to mosquitos. Do the temporary puddles that form in my yard during rainstorms provide the same amenity to the bloodsucking vermin, or do falling rain and splashing drops inhibit them?
This article says mosquitos breed in fresh and in sea water. Actually, IIRC, they breed on plant stems, the females lay the eggs on/in the nearest body of water and the larvae hatch to grow to molt as “flesh eating” blood suckers.
Have suspicions the rain/splashing has no real effect on their very short love life.

Mosquito larvae live in the same pool that the eggs were originally laid in, and require about eight days (according to this site to go from freshly laid eggs to full-fledged nuisance. So my guess would be that if your puddles in your yard dry up within a week or so, that would spell trouble for the larvae.