"Do No Eat Raw Cake Batter"

That’s what the box says, very clearly, in large type, each word capitalized, directly below the ingredients.

But why not? What will happen if I do? Should I try it, just to find out?

You could get salmonella from the raw eggs in the batter.

You turn into a cyborg. Or you could just get salmonella, either way. Not that fear of salmonella or cyborgism ever stopped me from licking the spatula after making brownies, but still…

If you eat raw cake batter, a cake will grow in your stomach.

No, no, wait, that was watermelon seeds leading to watermelons. Never mind.

You’re only likely to get salmonella from cake batter if 1) you get eggshell in it, and 2) you leave it out long enough for the bacteria to multiply.

if you want your life to not be worth living any longer.

I think it’s because there is raw egg in the batter. Chances are probably nothing will happen, like eating cookie batter, but if you end up with salmonella the mfg’s ass’s covered.

There are raw eggs in cookie batter, too.

Don’t muscle builders eat raw eggs? Are they immune from salmonella or something?

As usual the Family Circus has already covered this topic

Kindof time consuming to stamp each eggshell with “raw eggs cause salmonella” I’d imagine.

Also, muscle builders do and take a great many things that regular people probably shouldn’t emulate.

However, as a life-long cake, brownie, and cookie-batter eater, I can say that I’ve never gotten salmonella from them so far!

(Also, if you’re really nervous about that sort of thing, they make specially-formulated cookie batters that are designed to be eaten raw - they have substitute egg in them.)

I’ve done it at least 100 times and I’ve lived to tell the tale.

The good part is once you’re Assimilated you can lick the bowl twice as fast as before.

Licking the spatula and mixer beaters is the best part of baking a cake.

I wouldn’t recommend eating spoonfuls of batter.

I’ve started using those Egg-beater things (the ones that are pasteurized real eggs) in my cookies and cakes. Cookie dough and cake batter are far too yummy not to eat, but I’d rather do it without risking getting sick. Problem solved!

You eat the cake batter, you won’t have enough left to make the cake. And then you won’t have anything to frost. Happy birthday, loser.

Who puts frosting on cake? Don’t you just eat that right out of the can?

I seem to recall my father telling me that raw flour wasn’t good for you, but he never said why and that never stopped me from licking the beaters or the bowl.

It’s amazing that cake mix and cookie dough manufacturers feel the need to have this warning label on their products, but egg suppliers don’t put it on their cartons.

I do it all the time, and have for over 50 years. Cookie dough, too. One day maybe I will get salmonella, but so far so good.