Cake batter...MMmmmmm

I just made an awesome chocolate cake…the best part about making the cake is licking the beaters after you mix it. Oh, and licking the mixing bowl and the spoon…MMmmmm…smooth chocolatey gooey goodness…

uncontrollable drooling

Stars, that reminds me of a hang of a long time ago. Used to get the chance t’ run my finger round the mixing bowl when I was a kid. Dang. Looks like I’ll have to get into baking cakes again, doesn’t it? Blast you, SuperLorie, blast you, I say! :slight_smile:

When I was young I used to have to “deal” with my sister (just the two of us) and any such bowls. We would each get a beater and my mother or grandmother would draw a line with her finger down the center of the bowl. A situation that, as I’m sure you notice, is ripe with opportunity for discord. And yet somehow the promise of chocolate goo drowned out any thoughts of fighting and I can’t recall any incidents.

P.S. My cakes are always much smaller then the box indicates. sigh.

I loved the batter as a kid. But now I hear it’s unsafe to eat raw eggs. So if the batter has raw eggs in it, I suppose it can make one ill. The batter was soooo good!

I use eggbeaters so I think the worries about salmonella are gone.

I love cake batter.

My college boyfriend lived with a guy who had four brothers. I baked a lot when I was over there, and the first time I offered Tom (the roommate) the bowl to lick, he about passed out in ecstasy. His mother, apparently, had decided there was no way to fairly divide bowl-licking up among five boys, so she forbade it all together.

After reading this I have a strong urge to purchase a Red Velvet cake mix & bake it. RV is the best because it tastes like chocolate but is bright red - if you lick the bowl your tongue is too! I worry about the raw egg thing also but looking back on all the cake batter and cookie dough I ate as a kid I see no harm done (I suppose some may disagree):stuck_out_tongue:

I would rather just eat the batter than the actual cake itself. Brownie batter is even better.

Yeah, why do we even bother cooking cake batter, brownie batter, and cookie dough?

Last week, I made brownies. Twice. (Hey, I’m feeding a growing boy here!) Both times, I gave the spoon to my mom to lick. I scraped out the bowl completely with a rubber spatula, because I’ve had to give up spoon and bowl licking for the duration. Oh, well, it meant more finished brownies!


Stoner Snax: Add cake mix to water, stir, and consume the resultant pudding. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

I’m more fond of brownie batter, actually. The brownies I make at work are deadly–I have to melt down 3 pounds of chocolate and 2 pounds of butter for these babies. They’re damned good, even raw. :slight_smile: