Do Olympic coaches get medals?

Inspired by the 30th Anniversary of the Miracle on Ice (“Miracle” was an awesome film) and thinking about Herb Brooks’ backstory.

Do coaches whose teams medal (so not coaches of individual events like figure skating, but team events like soccer and hockey) get a medal as well?

As far as I know they don’t.

No, but ‘coached Olympic gold medalists when nobody expected them to win’ sure looks good on the resume.

Even if they were expected to do well, I’m sure someone like Brian Orser can raise his coaching fees now that his student has the gold with a record-setting score.

Only on temp-loan from the team members if they so desire:
And, no, I didn’t have to look that up.

No they don’t - the medals are for the athletes only. There have been a few articles in thelocal news (sorry it’s in French - first one I found) about Pierre Gervais, the Habs’ equipment manager who was part of Team Canada which mention that he doesn’t get a gold medal, but that Hockey Canada will be providing him with their own medal anyways.

At Montreal in 1976 Australia won the (field) hockey silver behind New Zealand.
Stephan Marshall was a member of that squad, but, due to a bungle, he did not actually take the field during the tournament. So he walked out to the podium for the medal ceremony as part of the medal winning team, but was not awarded a medal.

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