Canadians, How Much is Riding On Tonight's Hockey Game Versus Russia?

If the Canadian team loses tonight and therefore doesn’t even medal in hockey, how deep will the sadness be and disappointment be? Or will it be easily brushed off?

Not a Canadian, but since I moved to Montreal in August, all I heard people say was that they were going for the gold in men’s hockey, and no fooling… I honestly believe that they would exchange all medals they’ve won so far, including the first gold on home soil, for a gold medal in hockey. Of course, they might still have both - I hope they do :smiley:

If we lose, we plan to unleash the million Celine Dion clones on the world that we have growing in our underground vats. The first was just a prototype weapon.

Don’t make us do this!!!

It’s a big game and there’s no doubt about that…but I’d trade a victory tonight for a Joannie Rochette bronze medal tomorrow night.

That’s what the Olympics are about.

Sadness isn’t the word. Fury will be closer to the mark. Fingers will be pointed. Why did Joe Thornton make the team? Why depend on a 37-year-old Neidermayer? Why was Iginla “not on the team to score goals”? Why did Bergeron make the team, when he really doesn’t have any role to play? Why were three of the NHL’s top 11 scorers left off the team? Why wasn’t Brodeur benched after the first period against the US? Why didn’t Green, the NHL’s top scoring defencemen not make the team?

We (Canada) have two attitudes towards hockey. Arrogance when we win; full-on crisis mode when we don’t.

I’m pretty sure, Canada not medalling (meaning GOLD, not silver or bronze) would get a lot of flak for sucking balls and not doing well. All the talking heads, all the sportswriters will have a field day with the poor choices that some players were, the omissions and such. Then we’ll go in crisis mode and be like wtf is wrong with the Canadian hockey system? Do we not instill creativity and skill in the peewee leagues? I personally would love to see Canada win gold, but I’m realistic and seeing how this tournament is a one game elimination, anything can happen. Hot goalie, one shitty goal due to a brain fart in defensive positioning (i’m looking in the general direction of Pronger), one lucky goal, all these factor into one game elimination. How the players deal with them is what I care most about. I’d rather not see Team Canada wilt under the pressure, i wanna see them rise to the occasion and win Gold.

Canada already lost to Russia in the Olympic quarterfinals…in 2006.

Canadians somehow found the will to survive.

Whatever you folks do Don’t blame Babcock. We need to him be focused on the Wings after the Olympics, not dodging irate poutine flinging masses.

Crap. I’m going to miss the game. :mad:

But this is in Canada and Canada has made a great amount of stink about achievement inithis Olympics.

And frankly, I don’t blame them. Good for them for being proud and hopeful that they can win the gold in their sport in their country. China made a big deal when it came to them, as well. Canada has it only once every 20 years or so. I think it means a lot.

I think we in the US have it so often, it means less. I’m glad we haven’t had it since 2002 and don’t have it in the current plans. I wonder if we’ll get it for 2016?

I’m a bit nervous for them, and I’m cheering for the US all the way.

Will the US and Canada meet in the final if we both make it?

Yes. The US will play the winner of Finland/Czech Republic in the semis, while the Canada/Russia winner plays the Sweden/Slovakia winner.

I’m hoping for a USA-CAN match-up. Of course I’ll be cheering our side; but I imagine some hard feelings if we win against Canada.

Wow, they’re actually playing like a team out there, instead of a collection of all-stars.

If the Russians don’t discover their own team identity in a hurry, it’s bad news for everyone else in the tournament.

Yeah, my OP looks like it will soon be but a footnote.

4-1 Canada now. If they lose this one it would be one of the all time great chokes. Russia has to change goalies. That Morrow goal has to be stopped. If I were a Sharks fan, I’d be wondering how much gas Nabakov is going to have for the playoffs.

Lots of hockey left to play in this game, but there’s not much to complain about that opening period. Still, if any team has the firepower to even this thing up it’s the Russians.

“BOOM! Tabarouette, on est dans le match!”

Jacques Demers, commenting on the hits Canada is laying on the Russians. Quote of the day for me!

This is exciting hockey!

And there we go! :slight_smile: