With Apologies to Canadian everywhere

First off, let me say that Canadians are among the politest and friendliest people on Earth.

They have brought us such comedic greats as John Candy and Mike Meyers.

I hope they have a sense of humor about this:

O Canada!
The home of Ice Hockey!
True hockey love in all thy fans command.
With glowing hearts we saw thee pwned,
By players from the south!
When it was done, O Canada,
We punched you in the mouth.
2014, we’ll see you in Sochi
Until then Canada, we beat you 5 to 3.
O Canada, we beat you 5 tooooo 3!.

We don’t call it “ice hockey” here - it’s just plain “hockey.”

No field hockey? Tonsil hockey?


Hockey is the original game, and requires no modifier. Field hockey, table hockey, air hockey, tonsil hockey are all derivations of the game we call hockey.

We’ll talk after we deal with the Germans.

You had a better goalie than us. Congrats on the win.
It’s still not over though.

And, assuming you win and you’d durn well better, the russians after that if what I read was correct. Good luck.

Hey, it’s not over yet!

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

I actually got a chuckle out of the OP’s rewrite of “O Canada.” Well done!

Do I play hockey!?

I think the Canucks have done a lovely job on the Olympics overall but why are they giving the medal winners bouquets of broccoli?

Broccoli’s good for you - makes you strong like bull.

(“I’m from Canada” - what, no eh? I suspect this song was written by a poseur. Also, I thought the hockey song had “Second verse, same as the first!” in it.)

Americans can have their little laugh about the ‘hockey’ game - but who kicked who in the manly sport of Ice Dancing!

Eat silver America!

I thought figure skating was the least manly Olympic event.

Not any more.

Personally, I would rather be a target in the Biathlon than come close to making any country’s Ice Dancing Team.

To be fair, I’m Canadian and I would have been hard-pressed to pick a winner between the silver and gold dancing pairs. On the other hand, that Russian couple would not have been on the podium if I had my druthers. [\drift]

It is precisely that attitude holding Americans back in this sport.

Eating silver not recommended. Or did you really mean Platinum?

Don’t forget, my fellow Americans, that NBC bumped the Canada-USA hockey game to MSNBC so they could show Ice Dancing in prime time.

Do you believe in a somewhat improbable victory in a preliminary-round game? Yes!

I always wanted to put the lyrics of Oh Canada to the music of O Superman by Laurie Anderson.

O Canada
Our ho-ome,
and native land.
Native land,
eh eh eh eh eh eh e-eh
eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh

Let’s think about this for a moment. Long hours of practice that involve a pretty young lady who spends most of her time in your arms…

I’m not seeing the unmanliness here. Where do I sign up? :smiley:

I had a friend who was a professional ice dancer. He said one of the big perks was that it’s the only sport where the boys and the girls all changed in the same room. To a 17 year old boy, that must have been a BIG perk.

Hah! I’m not allowed to see the video of the Canadians winning gold on that site because I’m not American! Oh, internet, you wound me with your frivolous vagaries.