Fukeneh ! Go Canada Go

Just came back from Vancouver, where I spent two days roaming the streets and bought the T shirt bearing the exclamation “Fukeneh!”.

That is how I’m feeling right now.

We couldn’t really afford tickets to any of the sporting events, but the social venues and the streets were exhilarating as throngs of fellowing Canadians came out to show the flag and share our pride in what essentially is a job well done.

It isn’t our remarkable achievement in garnering gold medals this time around that aroused my sense pride and patriotism. Not that there is anything wrong with that :cool:

Its the fact that we pulled off this stunning party that required enormous logistical planning and volunteer effort , to provide a beautiful, and clean city to host numerous easily accessible and quality venues for our visitors from around the world.

So now that I’m back at home on Vancouver Island I look forward to the icing on the cake. One more gold medal in men’s hockey to put our country into the record holding position of winning the most gold medals in any given winter olympics of any country in the world.

Go Canada Go !

I’m glad you had a great time. I’m so nervous about tomorrow! I hate to be a doubting Thomasina but I just don’t know if they will pull it off.

Every other bronze or silver we’ve won is great, but a silver tomorrow would be nothing but total failure.

Go Canada Go!

I’m on the Island, too.

Come on, FloatyGimpy, you gotta BELIEVE, remember!

I don’t think I’ve ever been into the Olympics before, like I’m into these ones.

They’ve already tied the record for number of Gold medals at the winter Olympics, so they met the goal of ‘owning the podium’, as it were. One more would sure be sweet, though.

So many great performances, it’s been awesome. I’m a sucker for the awards ceremonies. Something about the crowd singing along to the national anthem sends me. It starts out all ragtag and soft, but by the end it’s in unison and loud!

I cannot believe how much hockey tickets, for the last game, are selling for. Oh my goodness!

Go Canada! (With glowing hearts, indeed!)

Congrats to Canada. :slight_smile:
But, how do you pronounce this “fuckeneh”?

That would be;

Fuckin’ Eh! (eh=ay)

Like “Fucking Eh” but drop the g.

Fuckin’ “A”

I’m not sure if this is strictly a Canadian expression for a superlative approval , but I’ve been familiar with it for many many years.

Ah. It was the spelling that confused me. “eh” is not pronounced the same way as “A” here.

I’ve heard of “Fuckin’ A !!” before though. :slight_smile:

Vous connaiz touche’

World party!

Go Canada, eh?

Game starts in 15 minutes, right!?!

Annnnnd…we have puck drop!

Aaaand, we are winning 1-0 after the 1st period.



Ouch !

That was HUGE! What a game…

Yowsa this is now a nail-biter.


Congrats! What a great game.