Do 'Open Minded' people have more common since?

I have been quite lucky over the past year to talk and meet with many people over the internet. For some reason it seems the more Open Minded a person is, the more common since they seem to have.

Now I am not saying these people are the smartest people in the world, they may lack ‘Book’ smarts. But they are more willing to listen before giving an opinion. Also they seem much less to be shocked when some subjects such as sex and others come up.

So tell me what you think.

Since when? :smiley:

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Forgive me for my earlier post vidad. You’ll find I’m really quite a nice pie, once you get to know me.

Concerning the OP, I can’t really say I’ve seen a correlation. I’ve met closed-minded people that had common sense, ones that lacked common sense, ones that were brilliant, ones that weren’t, and every combination thereof. I can also say the same about the open-minded people that I’ve known.

If I had to make a guess about what you’ve seen, I’d say that being open-minded allows one to experience more of the world. This gives a person more of a chance to develop common sense.

There’s two types of common sense. There’s the type that enables people to see both sides of a dispute. Then there’s the type that keeps them from, say, walking in front of a moving motor vehicle. In my experience, open minded people are frequently “dreamy” as well, so they tend to have the former in abundance, while lacking sorely in the latter.

Hey Vidad… You know me and Tequila, and you know we have rather open minds, and you know we generally have a lot of common sense. But only you, and perhaps the Shadow, can answer whether or not we have common since. Since you brought it up, I think you have a fair amount of common sense, but since we last met, things may have changed. Just my two Cents :smiley:

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