Do people in North Korea have any access to non-North Korean propaganda

In North Korea you can’t buy a radio or TV unless you get it from the government, and their radios and TVs are designed to only pick up north korean channels. The internet only has 1 ISP and books are banned. So do North Koreans have access to any information outside of state propaganda in any meaningful quantities (ie not just a handful of people living in their basements, but something that the majority of people have access to)? Is there a large black market for radios or pamphlets in North Korea?

Given the penalties (gulag/death) and given the fact that freedom of thought is a luxury available only to those who are not slowly starving to death I would guess not. If the West is very limited in it’s knowledge of what happens inside the DPRK I would have to say the converse is also true. I have read accounts of Northerners who have escaped and relocated to the South and without exception they have a very difficult time adapting. If anyone would have access to outside propoganda it would be those with the means and wherewithal to escape, yet apparently they had none.