Do people really not care about their leaders' comportment?

Not that we need another Trump thread, and not that I really want to start another shit slinging competition but I’m sure it would end up here anyway so I’ll just start it off here.

Policy aside, what do those of you who support Mr. Trump really think of his behavior? Do you think he comes off looking well? Do you think,“well, he can be a goofball sometimes but it’s better than having a Democrat in office”? Do you think, again, policy aside, that Mr. Obama conducts himself well? Is it an issue for you at all? As a not overly political Dem, though I would obviously prefer my party to be in power, I have never gotten worked up when “the other side” takes over. It happens; each side gets a turn every so often and we manage to survive. Mr. Trump feels like e a whole different kettle of fish though. Frankly, and again, policy aside, I think he is and will continue to be an embarrassment. Do you agree at all, or do you not even view him that way?

I know it’s probably futile, but I really welcome any sincere responses.

Most of us care quite a lot about Presidents looking “presidential.” We groaned when Nixon acted boorishly, and when Reagan mistook Hollywood fables for reality. We admired George Bush the elder for his unfailing dignity, even when we may have disagreed with his actual policies, and we condemned Clinton’s misconduct, even when we agreed with his policies.

Obama was a model of dignity and decorum. He’s a tough act to follow. The fact that he’s being followed by Burpo the Wonder Mutt is particularly difficult to admire.

Thank you for your civil and thoughtful response. I feel like there’s a "but . . . " there. Would you care to elaborate?

I, for one, would actually prefer Burpo as President over The Donald.

I’m sure one of the 3 Trump supporters on this MB will be in here shortly, but essentially: It’s better than having Hillary in office.

Fair enough; I thought there were more. And I sensed that that might be the thinking, but the idea that literally anyone , no matter what they do or say is better than-gasp- the opposing party being power-is kind of unthinkable to me so I was hoping someone would actually step up and address the other questions I posed.

Some care, and see nothing wrong with his comportment. It speaks of totally different qualities to them than they do to you.

Your premise seems to be that “comportment” is more important that policy. Is this correct? And if not, then what are you saying here?

I do note you keep saying in your OP “policy aside”. But why would policy be aside? Policy is a pretty big deal.

Shucks, folks, I’m speechless. urp

What % of Trump voters are fairly reasonable people who voted for him for whatever reason vs what % are radicals who believe in a list of conspiracy theories about the other side and who will find a way to justify anything/everything Trump does?

I’d guess 60/40, something like that.

Generally-no, overwhelmingly- policy *is *more important. Function over form and all that. But Trump is so over the top, unbelievably unpalatable to me that it boggles my mind. I think," what comes to your (general “your”)mind when you hear the name Kim Jong Un? Do you (general “you”) not think “crazy, ridiculous laughing stock?” And then I think “do you not imagine that’s precisely what the rest of the world thinks when they hear the name Donald Trump”? The reason I’m stressing comportment is that in his case, his overwhelming lack of it would seem to overshadow anything else he brings to the table.

Granted. My take on the OP is that we’ve had enough threads over his policy positions and such. So, taking policy decisions out of the equation (because, in general, I think it’s easier to justify his “behavior” if you can agree with his policies. Same thing with the Democratic side and their candidates. I voted for Hillary because she supported things that I support: Planned Parenthood, gay marriage, etc. Even if I didn’t like her as a person, I was inclined to vote for her because of policy positions), and just focusing on the behavior of the person is an entirely legitimate question in my opinion.

He’s blatantly bigoted, arrogant, psychopathically selfish, stupid, ignorant, amoral, jingoistic, dishonest, cruel, and many other bad qualities - all of which the Right considers virtues. What you or I see as “bad comportment”, they see as “tough” and “honest”.

And I suspect that a significant percentage of his supporters couldn’t even tell you what the word “comportment” means, let alone actually care about it.

To further answer Fotheringay-Phipps’ perfectly reasonable question, we can already assume that Trump’s supporters favor his policies and the purpose of this thread is not to have it explained why they prefer said policies. I thought the question(s) were pretty self- explanatory. Do you “like” and / or “respect” him as a person. Irrespective of your political position, do you find him to be a “good”, “respectable” man? Will you be proud to have him represent our country? Not, do you like him as compared to Hillary, but do you like him for who he is?

I agree. But I wasn’t commenting on the OP. I was commenting on the OP’s subsequent post, in which he said it was “unthinkable” to overlook this deportment issue in favor of other issues, apparently including policy.

Not much to add. “Manners maketh man.”

I’m embarrassed to say I’d fogotten, consciously, that someone with this name was an SDMB member; it must have bubbled up from my unconscious! Anyway, I apologize to you for using your name in conjunction with DJT. You’re infinitely preferable in every possible way!

He tells it like it is. He doesn’t put up with any of that PC shit. If it bothers you, that’s your problem. burp

Well while I massively prefer Hillary’s policy proposals and I think Trump goes too far in terms of deportment issues, I also had a negative view of Hillary’s deportment–that it was too “packaged” by PR professionals. No one else had that view?

Um, I washed my hair this morning and I think my sport coat still fits. Will the Bugs Bunny tie pass muster?

(Trinopus, absolutely no need for an apology. But I’m still going to make cochrane my veep [My wife won’t let me call Michelle O]. No worries, mate, there’s a comfy cabinet job for you. Call me.)