Are you happy that Trump is President?

A simple yes or no poll-elaborate if you wish.

If the internet is to be believed, only drunken people causing public disturbances are glad to have Trump in office.

Yes and no. Yes in that I’m glad ( yet another ) DINO is not. Beyond that, no.

No, but I wasn’t happy about either Obama or the younger Bush either.

Yes. At first, I was just happy that he kept Hillary out of the White House. But seeing all the good he’s done, I find myself surprised to actually like him for himself.

No. He’s a monster and belongs in a prison cell, not in office.

I’d re-phrase as such: If the Internet is to be believed, Trump IS President. Isn’t that sorta what happened? :smiley:

What are the good things he’s done?

I voted no because I believe he is a bad president and a bad person. However…I feel very strongly that he has provided a great service to the United States by showing exactly what the Republican party is all about. The hypocrisy, what they ignore, what they excuse, the willingness to accept a “strong man*” authoritarian political system. I mean it’s been clear for years but it’s just so unavoidable now, to anyone that wants to see.
I am a 2nd Amendment supporter. As long as I’ve been involved in gun culture (early eighties) I’ve heard that the purpose of the 2nd was to allow the armed populace to resist an oppressive, tyrannical government. So now we have a leader that pretty much screams on a near daily basis, “I Want To Be A Tyrant”. And a big part of the “armed citizenry” seems totally OK with that.

And the anti Trump memes and online humor is much, much funnier than in the Obama years. He is such a ridiculous figure, the humor writes itself. Still, I respect him, in the sense that one “respects” a toddler waving a loaded gun.
*clearly Trump is in fact a thin skinned, vindictive, cowardly toddler.

I might be leaning toward this. If we make it through this, the devastation to the Republican party and subsequent resurgence of a legitimate conservative movement, might make it better in the long run.

No. But the answer would probably be the same had Hillary won; just different reasons.


I can’t think of a single good thing about Donald Trump being President.

I’m conflicted myself. As a progressive I can see good and bad in Trump being president.


Had Hillary won, the GOP would’ve won a ton of seats in the senate in 2018. Not only would they have kept the Alabama seat, but they’d probably pick up 6-10 senate seats in 2018. Instead they only picked up a couple seats and the lost Alabama in the special election. This could’ve made it far harder for the dems to win the senate in the near future.

Trump tore the veneer of the anti-democracy white nationalism at the heart of the modern conservative movement. Its harder to deny now. Of course, the average American doesn’t care much, but some voters do care and are turned off by it.

Trump energized the left in ways we haven’t been energized before, not even under Bush. Hopefully we don’t get complacent again, but we probably will. But I feel a lot of people realize democracy is more tenuous than we realized, and are getting more involved.

The democrats doing well in 2018 and 2020 means it’ll be harder for the GOP to gerrymander in 2020 because the odds that in any particular state the democrats will control at least one house of congress or the governors office are higher.

Had the GOP done well in the 2018 and 2020 elections on the state level (they probably would have had Hillary won), they may have had enough power to hold a constitutional convention.


Endless things. No need to outline them, any halfway intelligent person already knows what they are.

I did not support Obama and would never consider Hillary Clinton for President.

Except that I did vote Hillary to prevent Trump becoming President. Worst person to ever receive a party nomination and worst person to ever be President.

I’m just glad I can tell my grandkids I and Mrs. Mahaloth were against it.

I would much rather have Hillary as President. Not even a second thought.


Trump is the lowest form of life on Earth. I would rather have an amoeba as president than Trump.

I have to disagree. I know some people argue that it’s always darkest before the dawn and that the Trump administration will lead to a Democratic resurgence. But I’m not seeing it happening.

To me it seems like all Trump is doing is lowering the bar for what’s acceptable in American politics. Once people accept that a worthless asshole like Donald Trump can be President, it’ll be easier for the next worthless asshole to get elected.

We’re not going to spring back stronger from the Trump presidency. At best, we might recover some of the strength we’re losing right now. Donald Trump being President is like having America shot in the stomach. America might survive the experience but we’re never going to be as healthy a country as we were before the shooting.

As there wasn’t a ‘FUCK NO!!’ option, I just went with no.