Do people really pronounce URL as "earl"

damn kids these days

It has another pronunciation?

I’m a kid past 40, apparently…

u-r-l here

U-R-L here.

O-I-L is pronounced “earl”. :smiley:

Yes, that was the common pronunciation at the large internet company I used to work for.

They are the same people who pronounce GIF like jiff.

And pronounce Linux like “Lye-nix”.

I pronounce it giff. Is that wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend says yurl.

I pronounce it ‘Lye-nux’ because it is derived from the name ‘Linus’ and I’ve never heard that pronounced other than ‘Lye-nus’.

Some people, I know, pronounce it ‘Lin’ (rhymes with spin) ‘us’.

I always say U R L.

Sorry, I came over all nostalgic. I haven’t heard anyone call it an “Earl” since 1999. So quaint.

The thing is, Linus Torvalds himself pronounces it like “Linnix”.

I’ll graciously allow him to continue to pronounce it like that if he wishes. :wink:

My grandparents do that. They also refer to the courier UPS as “ups”, as in the opposite of “downs”.

My mom used to say “Earl” for “URL”.

I think I’m unusual in that I always insist on spelling out A-S-C-I-I by letter. I never liked the sound of “ass-key”.

Oh no, that’s Uncle Ed’s Oil Change. I have to keep these all separate.

His name isn’t the same as the Peanuts character, his name is Swedish; the “i” is pronounced something like “ee,” not “eye.”

You are. I have never heard it as anything but “asskey,” and spelling it out like you do would confuse me momentarily, if I do indeed figure it out.

My business partner does this (we’re in the Web business). I dunno where he picked it up - I’ve never ever done it myself.

I spell it out, “you are ell” but my 8th grade computers teacher (an older black lady from the south) said “earl.” I have never heard anybody else ever say it like “earl”.