Do people remember you?

I can go into a store once or twice a year and sales people seem to remember me. It could be the facial ticks, but don’t think so. Do any of you seem to ellicite this response in a lot of stores, or is it just me? I’m talking about stores where I haven’t done anything obnoxitious

I don’t put up with shit, and I don’t give it unless it’s asked for. These are stores where the same people are there from the year before, not a store with a 3 month turn around.

All though I do have a stare of death, if you piss me off, that most people can’t bear.

Well, let me offer a different perspective on, I think, the topic. I drove a hack for a few years and I found that if I’d ever carried you before, I remembered you if I picked you up again (no, I can’t prove it).

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The Disney Store by my college: first time I went in (September or October 1998), long before most people even knew what Disney’s 1999 animated movie would be, I got the whole store into a discussion about Tarzan. Staff, customers, everyone.

I’d rarely go more than once a month, but ever since, they’ve recognized me whenever I went in. Not just recognized me, but thought about me when I was gone. They said once when I came in, “I was hoping you’d come back! We have something you’ll love!”

Once I ordered something by mail from them, and one of the staff enclosed a personal note.

I’m just a really enthusiastic customer!

other stores where I haven’t made such a spectacle of myself? Hmm. . . actually, I don’t think I go anywhere where I don’t make a spectacle of myself! :wink:

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Most people seem to remember me… in fact when I suggeset that they might NOT remember me they usually laugh, like that would be ridiculous. I’m still not entirely sure why this is.

O p a l C a t


People don’t remember me by sight, but I have a very distinctive (not to say peculiar) speaking voice. Think Peppermint Patty from the old Peanuts cartoons. So people recognize and remember that.


I’m not sure if people remember ME, but they always think I’m someone else. I must be the most common-looking person in the world, 'cause I’m apparently identical to everyone’s cousin or sister’s friend or next-door neighbor or best-friend-junior-high’s-sister.

Not that it bothers me.

People remember me,because my son usually does something interesting,like trying to sweep the store if he finds a broom!

me and some friends went to a restraunt the other day and we were all ID’d for alcohol. well, everyone but me. when i asked why he didn’t need to see mine, he said “I remember yours, it’s the serial killer one!”

Is this strange?

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People always remember me, which is a curse because I am TERRIBLE with names. So they always call me by name, whereas I say “dude” and “mon” a lot. I’m pretty distinctive in look and manner, so am not too surprised when it happens.

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People always remember me, not due to any strange antics or anything. It’s just that I am usually a foot taller than everyone else in the store.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

People usually remember me from when I was a kid, probably because i was involved in alot of community activities.

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The serial killer one?

What on earth did he mean by that?

Don’t get me wrong–I love life. I’m just finding it harder and harder to keep myself amused.

I always get the feeling no one remembers me. Even as I get more involved with social and professional groups, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m blending into the background. I’m not a very boisterous person, and I hate gladhanding, so I can understand why it might happen.

Guy Propski? Doesn’t ring a bell. It says 520 posts, but that must be a typo. Welcome to the board. Don’t be a stranger.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Metro - I kind of know how you feel - I don’t currently have a driver’s license (by choice, folks) so when someone asks me for ID, I give them my gun card. I get some pretty strange looks…and it can make things uncomfortable when you go to the bank.

i look like a serial killer b/c after 6 weeks, i never got my renewed license. i called them and they said they sent it out 3 days after i’d been in (they took a new picture). I said 'my ass you did, when have you ever sent anything out in 3 days?" then they accused me of letting someone else have it and trying to get a new one, so i had to go down and listen to a lecture from a state employee and retake my photo (a digital one they’re suppossed to keep on file, then where’s my first one). Needless to say, I projected an aire of delierium.

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People kinda remember me. I have a face that lets me get away with anything short of murder, but yet it’s oh-so-ordinary. No one ever remembers my name. Which is fine. I cannot remember names if my life depended on it. ( I’m gonna start another thread devoted to this.)

I am remembered mostly as either “That girl that was so funny at your party, but then again, I was wasted.” or “The woman who owned the yellow dog that your dog played with and her dog chipped his tooth.”,
" The mom to the little boy that never ever stopped moving and she never sat down at the get together but never missed a chance to make fun of something and ate all the nachoes." or " The wife of the guy who never stopped moving or talking and she teased him about his Bionic Jaw." Right now I’m known as “The woman who chases the toddler with boing boing curls and has another one on the way. She must be catholic, but with that lip on her, she could be a stevedore.It’s a tough call.”

So, I think I’m memorable. Humor has a way of getting into people’s mental hard drive.

People always remember me. Maybe, like Phobia, it’s the facial tics. Maybe it’s my height. I don’t know. According to my father, they still talk about me at my high school, and I graduated in '96. And it wasn’t like I did anything to warrant such continued attention, either. I just don’t get it.

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MadPoet said:

My long-lost twin!!!

Everybody remembers me. Even people I don’t know remember me. I am, shall we say, outgoing. But it’s more than that. Because I have hobbies that tend to put me in the public eye, people remember me from seeing me and assume I remember them as well. I don’t. I can’t remember the names associated with the faces of everybody who’s ever been to one of our meetings. When I used to heckle the campus preacher, I had people saying “Hi” to me all the time, and I hadn’t the foggiest idea who they were. They saw me and recognized me because I was the one standing up there, but there was no way I could remember them – they were one of many faceless students who sat around on the quad.