Do people still sing elaborate drinking songs like "The Barley Mow"?

Back when I played rugby in high school, my friends and I used to find and sing rugby songs, which generally originated as drinking songs. They often take the form of a verse which is sung over and over again but with a different word plugged into one place each time, and a chorus to which each successive new phrase is added. This sounds far more confusing than it actually is. For example, The Barley Mow:

Do people still actually sing these songs while drinking, in bars, in the UK? How do they learn the lyrics? Do they just grow up hearing them or something, or do they have to sit down and figure them out once they reach drinking age? Do they just automatically know the words by the time they’re drinking in bars, or do they actually take the time to study the lyrical structure and rehearse them or something?

I understand Hashers do quite a bit of singing with their drinking.

But I’ve never been in a pub (in the U.S.; nor in England, years ago) where there were people singing drinking songs. Jukeboxes seem more popular.