Do pigs wiggle their tails when happy?

I was skinning a pig at work today and wondered if they wiggled their tails when they were happy.

I need to know, the boss asked me to make it’s tail wiggle, which I will make it do… But I wonder if they would do this naturally?

Thanks in advance.


One doubts that you could make a pig happy by skinning it.

My pot-bellied pig used to wag it’s tail when it was happy.

But like Stypticus said–I highly doubt you’ll make it happy while it’s in fear of its life.

Hi there. The pig isn’t real, it’s for a commercial…
It must look happy, and wiggle its tail.
Thanks for setting my mind at rest, I would never skin a real pig - especially a live one. Ugh!

Yeah, I’ve seen them wag their tails. It’s cute when they’re small and terrifying when they’re huge.