Do poisonous spiders lurk under toilet seats?

Regarding the non-existent “medical” Journal JUMA, I’m surprised that the SD Staff Report did not mention the meaning of the acronym that was widely shared in my college days, “Jump Up My Ass”. Appropriate for the topic.



A bit of information that’s both unprovable, and irrelevant to the story in the posted link, though it is relevant to the thread title:

Many years ago, I was one of a group of people using an outhouse in, IIRC, the Carolinas. One always took a flashlight when going to the outhouse at night, even if there was a lot of moonlight, because there were black widow spiders in the outhouse. They weren’t aggressive; but you didn’t want to sit on one by accident. Despite the name, the bite’s rarely fatal to humans; but it can be painful.

True, I was told that also, by a Survival expert teaching at UCLA. It’s warm, dakr, with lots of lies- perfect for the black widow. And if she bites you on you man parts, you are sure to go to the ER.

A black widow loves to lurk on the underside of a horizontal surface. Better yet, at the junction of a horizontal surface and a vertical surface. Add a swarm of flies, and the underside of an outhouse seat is paradise on earth to a black widow.

Growing up in Australia we still had a backyard toilet, checking the seat for redbacks before sitting was a must and we found them there often enough to make sure we never forgot

Note: The Australian Red Back is, more or less, and American Black Widow. There was some discussion 30 years ago about if it was actually the an import, like rats and foxes, or a native variation. I haven’t heard how that worked out.