Do pornstars use drugs onscreen to enhance their acting?

Sometimes when I’m watching porn, I am impressed that somehow they’re able to cast so many people who seem to sincerely enjoy non-mainstream sex acts. I wonder if they’re using Ecstasy or other drugs to get “more into the moment”.

Let me explain my reasoning here… first with the disclaimer that yes, I’m sure there are normal people out there having hotter sex than I will ever have in my life, that things like FFM threesomes are far more common than I would ever imagine in my sheltered life, that the term “mainstream” is probably blurrier than my experience tells me.

As an example, let’s take lesbian threesomes. In the general population, beautiful people are unusual. We’ll assume the same applies for lesbians. The lesbians I know simply abhor the idea of exhibiting their sexuality for the pleasure of men, not to even mention the possibility of involving a man in their festivities. So, I infer there is a shortage of hot lesbians who are willing to make love to a man and woman on camera.

Taking this shortage into account, it stands to reason that most people performing these acts are not actually lesbians. In many of these performances, the ladies are obviously faking their enjoyment; hence I infer that it is difficult for a straight girl to convincingly portray enjoyment of lesbian sex.

So, given all those factors, and what I know of Ecstasy, I reckon it is probably a widespread aid in the porn industry to help people enjoy (or at least tolerate) acts that they normally wouldn’t. No judgements there either… as long as they aren’t coerced and they’re being as safe as possible, I support them using whatever job aids help them get thru the 9 to 5 grind.

Anybody have any knowledge of whether this is actually the case?

Seem to. Not actually (necessarily) enjoy. It’s called “acting”.

“Hence”? There’s no “hence” about it, there’s no logical connection between what some people will act as if they enjoy on the screen for money, and what other people will actually enjoy.

There are a lot of pornstars that you can tell are obviously not into their work, beyond the paycheck. There are others that actually seem to enjoy what they are doing or are very convincing actors. I would not be surprised if more than a few are on some kind of drugs during filming, nor would I be surprised to find that drugs are a large part of the “pornstar lifestyle” or at the very least a larger subset of the group than the general population. I have seen many pornos where the women really do look completely drugged up and out of it.

Most programmers got into programming because they like programming, writers because they like writing, etc. While I’m a bit dubious that porn stars always wanted to be porn stars, they probably were interested in becoming actors, and they are getting to do that (in some limitted scope) so it’s plausible to think that they enjoy the work well enough. And I’m sure that after you’ve had sex a few thousand times that it stops really mattering whether you’re licking a man-boob or a girl-boob. It’s all just work to them.

My opinion is many use drugs before a scene not to help the acting, but to make an unpleasant event tolerable. Of course, many love the work, but some clearly don’t.

How do you know this? Why are you assuming that they are not enjoying it? I am not saying that they have the Big O everytime, but I do think most pornstars get some enjoyment out if it.

As for faking enjoying lesbian sex, why would you imagine the girls are faking liking lesbian sex more than they fake liking sex with man?

I would guess that porn actresses don’t find pretending to enjoy having sex with a woman any more difficult than they do pretending to enjoy having sex with a man. Most women don’t enjoy having sex with random strange men. And if you’re working with another girl, at least you know that that other girl is likely there to put on a show, not to enjoy herself at your expense.

I have seen enough porn to be able to tell, not with 100% accuracy, whether the person wants to be there or not. Even if you like sex, you may not be in the mood that day for two guys with twelve inch schlongs to DP you. I have also done enough drugs to recognize the glassy look in some of the girls eyes sometimes. Add to that how big porn has become, and instead of just having big name pornstars, you literally have regular girls one minute shopping at the mall, a few hours later banging some fat older guy they wouldn’t screw for free in real life, I would say certain drugs would help- I know they would for me.

I am also making a distinction between Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly type stars, and girl off the street reality porn- those who are there only to make that months rent payment and nothing more.

You’re forgetting bisexual women. On other boards I’ve read, a surprising (to me) number of women admit to lusting after other women and many enjoy or have had bisexual affairs. And I’m not talking teens or college kids - many are 30+ and older.

While I can’t speak to the extent to which porn actors/actresses use drugs, I strongly suspect that the drug of choice would not be ecstasy. Certainly not the men–it destroys erections. Possibly some women might, but doing ecstasy is a full-day commitment that can leave a person exhausted when it’s over, which could make it tough to get your work done. Maybe they would do coke or pot, but the love drug can actually dampen a person’s desire to have sex (as opposed to just being lovey and touchy and cuddly, which I’m guessing is not generally what porno directors are looking for).

As have I, to both accounts. However I don’t equate doing drugs with having to do drugs. They could enjoy being DP’d by 12" schlongs while snorting lines off of the 3rd 12 incher.

I suppose I just think most people work because they get some enjoyment out of their jobs. I don’t see why it would be different for pornstars, or so-called reality porn.

I’ll see if I can find the cite for this, but I remember reading a few years ago that Viagra use was out of control for the male actors.

My sister used to do porn. She was quite prolific with it. She hates sex. Always has – she was a virgin until she was 18. She never used Ecstasy, but she did like Speed (meth, purple rain, etc), but I don’t know how much she did before scenes. I do know that many porn directors actually frown upon drug use and the porn industry is much better (self-) regulated than you would imagine.

My sister is most assuredly not a lesbian. Nor are many of the porn stars with whom she did lesbian scenes – but it pays well to do those kinds of scenes. For the kind of cash she was making, I was seriously tempted to agree to going into the business, too. But I enjoy sex too much to be in the business.

The stuff you see in porn flicks is not sex. Imagine where the camera men are when they get those great penetration shots. Think of how hard it would be to enjoy sex with a hot woman while another man is basically in your anus trying to film you having sex with said hot woman. There is little to no enjoyment of sex for those people. Not to mention when you dick up (hahahaha!) the money shot and have to do it over. The tricks employed in keeping a hard-on or regaining one are not tricks I would ever consider using on my husband, with whom I actually enjoy having sex.

I don’t know if it helps them act/perform any better, but respect for tradition is important, by Og!

Ecstasy is certainly a drug of choice, in both the porno industry and the stripper/escort industry. It will greatly inhibit the ability to orgasm, but the benefit of that is that it allows you to have sex for hours, always on the brink of orgasm, but never having to cum. It would make it difficult for males to orgasm, but females could just fake that part.

My ex and I spent quite a few nights having sex for hours and never being able to orgasm until the next day, and never getting tired, and absolutely enjoying every second.

edit-on another web board I frequent, one of the guys was a production asst. for a few porn films, and he has stated that the females almost always were on X, and often the males…also, I know a couple of girls from around here who have been in a couple, and they were always rolling as well-no cite other than those, sorry

actually, most men can achieve and maintain erections with stimulation, but the ability to orgasm is about shot

Almost all male performers now use Viagra. Other than that, my understanding is that drug use is generally frowned upon. Listen to anyone in the porno business and the thing everyone wants to see in their co-workers is professionalism. They want people who will show up on time, do the job they were hired for, perform as expected, and not create any unnecessary problems. Drug use is not going to help on any of these.

That said, the porno business is akin to the rock’n’roll business - people might want to work in a drug-free atmosphere, but in the real world it doesn’t happen. A lot of people in the porno business choose to use various drugs and the producers have to work around that and/or look the other way to get their movies made.

What makes you think this?

I think most people work because they have to, certainly not moreso because they enjoy it. :dubious:

There are tons of reality porn sites that show them doing just this. You can usually tell the fake ones, espcially when the “teen” they meet in the mall is 35 and has been in 500 previous films, but many times they really do pick up girls off the street and ask them if they want to be in a porno. Maybe some have a bit of a set-up for the camera, true. Also there was a bit of row a while back when it was discovered some reality porn site was touring college campuses, plying girls with drinks and then have whoever was willing to have sex with whatever porn stud they brought.