Do scooters get stolen a lot?

Looking at the technical specifications for a Vespa LX 150, it only weighs 225 lbs. Seems like it would be easy to just pick it up and put it in a truck bed. Do these things get stolen a lot?

Anecdotal only, but in my experience one of the most common sights on the streets of Paris is the front wheel of a scooter forlornly locked to a post. So, yes.

In the UK at least it’s fairly common, especially the “sporty” type 50s, 100s and 125s.

Which is why we bought long cable bike-type locks for our mopeds. Run the cable through both wheels and the frame and attach to something sturdy.

Anecdote: In the mid-80’s my friend Nicky’s girlfriend Mindy had her scooter stolen. She had some fairly distinctive stickers on it. One day a few months later they were driving around and Mindy saw some dude driving her scooter. They followed it for a few miles until the thief pulled over and walked into an apartment. Nicky then ran to a pay phone and called the cops.

A couple of cops show up and the one quickly ran back to the car and called for back-up. It turned out that the thief’s apartment contained a meth lab. Too bad, so sad, scooter thief!

Even those tiny little scooters the Shriners ride aren’t safe from theft.

Yeah, don’t count on those too heavily; they’re good against toothed saws and bolt cutters, but hardly impenetrable. Recently, my cable lock developed a problem with the cylinder and the key no longer could open it. Cut it off in less than a minute with a Dremel cutoff wheel.

So what is the best way to secure a scooter?

Would it be that easy to cut one like this:

or this:

Those are the same lock. But, no, those would probably be tougher.

Sorry. I meant to include this one, too:

I don’t count on them very heavily. But I don’t generally spend hours inside when I’m out and about on the moped; the lock is just to protect against people tossing it in the back of a pickup and driving away, or even just starting it up and driving off (we’re talking about a 1978 model, kickstart, no key).

Should have gone and grabbed a link first; my lock looks something like this one. Mine’s a Kryptonite, don’t know the exact specs.

A woman I used to work with had hers towed. She thought she’d park next door, in a lot that wasn’t ours, because it was closer to her door. Sure enough, they towed it. I like to imagine they sent out one of those huge wreckers like they use for semis, towing this teeny little scooter behind it. They probably just threw it in the back of a Ford Focus or something.

Yes, where they’re popular – and I expect that they’ll become more popular in more places as time goes on. Rule of thumb when I lived in Honolulu – make your scooter look crappy or you won’t have it very long.

And one needs to be pretty careful with choice of lock(s) also; one model of the Kryptonite “U” lock could be trivially opened with a Biro disposable pen, which had the same circumference as the circular key. Then there’s the trick of using freon to freeze the lock shaft and shatter it, which my brother experienced when somebody took a liking to his motorcycle. (He had another one stolen also – he didn’t chain it to anything and someone drove by, picked it up, and put it in the back of a truck.) And, of course, most cable locks can simply be cut with bolt-cutters.

It seems to me that the point is simply to make it more difficult to steal the scooter than it’s worth, which will get harder to do as demand increases. :frowning:

Yeah, if somebody really wants to steal it, they will. All you can do is make it more trouble than they want to go through. I use a cable lock when I park it at work (they let me use the bike rack) but when I’m just in a store that’s not usually easy to do, so I just don’t worry about it. At home it goes in the garage.

You bet they do and Vespa is one of the favorites of thieves.If you have one or buy one invest in a logging chain quality and a lock to match if you really love it and you will. :eek: