I bought a scooter!

I’ve been wanting a scooter for at least 20 years and I finally bought one. I’m so excited! I did tons of research about brands and whether I should go with new or used. I finally made my decision and bought this:


I haven’t actually even ridden it, yet, as they have to put in a battery and get it ready. Pick up is tomorrow at 1:30.

Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way!

I envy you so much! Good deal! I’ve always wanted one. But I’ll be satisfied if somebody lets me drive a BobCat, just once. :smiley: (My younger son and I must think alike; when he was little he said he wanted to grow up to be the guy who mows the grassy medians.)

I love the retro look of that scooter. Check back in after you’ve ridden it. You’re going to have so much fun.

I’ve taken off the next couple of days so that I can ride and ride. It’s just for city riding but there’s so much of the city I’ve not ever even been to so I plan to do lots of exploring. Woot! :slight_smile:

Two wheels good, four wheels bad!

Re real world costs what was your deal price out the door?

$2823.17 total. I was able to get the helmet for free.

You’re gonna love it.

Change Honda to YamahaI bet it climbs hills like a Matchless anyway.

Other way around go to 1:30

I drove for a couple of kilometers behind a woman who was riding one of those tan retro-Vestas. Sexy. Very sexy.

Did ya buy a pair of crutches?
Why wait?
Get em cheap, secondhand.:cool:
Then, when the ER tries to stick you with a pricey new pair…but, perhaps I’ve said too much.

Totally, completely jealous! Enjoy the hell out of it, FG,

Good for you! Welcome to the world of two wheels. Enjoy the heck out of it.

Ride it as often as you can. Taking a full day to learn the scooter & the streets will get you well acquainted with your new machine. If the opportunity arises, take the beginners course offered by a local motorcycle shop. I took one after thirty years of riding & I learned some new things. Be aware of your surroundings especially the four wheelers around you. They are the most dangerous thing out there as far as scooter riding is concerned.The drivers will not see you as they are not looking for a scooter, or anything else for that matter. I am not trying to scare you, I jusy want you to enjoy the scooter for years to come.

Again welcome to the joys of scooters. Just remember to keep the rubber side down. I hope to see you out there.

Happy riding, 48.

Picking it up today! Thanks for the words of caution 48. I plan on not being stupid and keeping an eye on cars and making eye-contact.

Me so excite!

At 50cc I would probably skip the highway part but other than that it looks like a lot of fun. I’ve ridden a couple of the Genuine Scooters offerings and they can be a real kick in the city or along your basic township roads. And there is just something in the look of a scooter I always found cool.

And not a single person will assume you got one to many DUIs

:smiley: Just kidding… I would love to have one (but I may prefer a little more power)

Cool scoot…by the way, eye contact means absolutely nothing! Fireman pal tells me people pull out in front of a big red firetruck with all lights and sirens on. Take an MSF course, develop an attitude of “what’s the stupidest thing they could do” when you see cars in your path, ride safe and have a blast! Full face helmet too. I know it doesn’t look chic, but if it’s too hot, check out a full face “motocross” or off road type helmet worn with sunglasses or goggles for eye protection. Those types of helmets have better air flow and still offer some facial protection.

Congratulations, Floaty Gimpy! I think you made a good choice. A Yamaha is likely to a be a reliable machine, and that’s one great-looking scooter.

Ride careful; drivers have trouble seeing you on a bike. I recommend some helmet-mounted strobe lights and a siren (oh, never mind, see above post), but absent that, always paying attention.

I am an avid motorcyclist, and I hope you enjoy your new ride; but, frankly, I never “got” scooters. Especially, I don’t get scooters with mid-to-full size motorcycle engines in them. A guy down the street drives, or rather is trying to sell, one that apparently has a 400cc engine.
So, scooter enthusiasts, what is it that draws you to a scooter rather than a conventional motorcycle of the same “power level?”

When I was working at an event that covered a large area, the organizers loaned me a Honda scooter to help me cover ground faster. It was a real treat to use, and very helpful in my job. However, I often had no choice but to ride it over ground that was lumpy and sometimes slippery with dew. The wheels were not grippy enough for my love of speed and I discovered that walking was almost as fast in those situations.

But if you live in a small community where your commute isn’t far or near a college you are attending, these are great. In suburbia where drivers can be a bit inattentive, I would stick to something larger or wear and orange vest or helmet with it.