Do skin firming lotions work?

Over the past 2+ years I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. I now have a lot of loose skin in some parts of my body. (Luckily for me, I guess, not really in my face, forearms or lower legs. But you could hide a decent-sized batboy in my bat wings.)

OK, I know there’s surgery but I won’t elect to have it unless it’s a medical necessity.* Is there anything else I can do? I’ve seen ads on the internet for creams and lotions that supposedly work. One I saw recently was for a product called Bella Fleur – the only websites I saw from a quick google were thinly-disguised Bella Fleur sales sites.

I’ve been using a Jergens skin toning lotion, but results if any haven’t been all that dramatic. But then I haven’t been using it every day – I just smooth some on after my tri-weekly water aerobics classes.

  • My doctor told me that I might need such surgery someday. Surgery is indicated when the loose skin causes a problem with skin fungal infections and the like. I don’t have that problem, at least not yet.

Hi Anny, good for you that you managed to lose a significant amount of weight. Unfortunately the effect of a lotion on skin firming is some what limited.

However not all is lost if surgery is not an immediate option. Here is a site with some very decent tips. Good luck

btw I’m not an expert, but thought your accomplishment en subsequent question deserved a usefull reply

I would love to read it but HOLY FUCKING CLICKBAIT, BATMAN!!! I am not going to click through 25 pages complete with advertising, I have a lot better shit to do with my time.

I’m sry, I just googled ‘skin firming after weight loss’ and that one came up. Ok, so you get 25 tips which need 1 mouse click per tip. And yes it has adds.
But that does not take away anything from the actual tips that are given, which I think are very decent. You dont have to buy anything, and they have nothing to do with … WHY THE HELL AM I DEFENDING THIS BS WEBSITE??? LoL

Feel like I’m trapped in a bad joke for trying to do something nice for a total stranger and just getting egg in my face

Thank you, Consensus, for your reply. I definitely appreciate it. I’ve bookmarked the website to peruse in more depth when I have more time.

Short answer, no.

The only things that actually work are weight training to keep your arms firm, maintaining a healthy weight and not gaining/losing more than very small amounts and eventually brachioplasty.

All the lose weigh slowly, etc tips to avoid loose skin really depend on things like age, skin type and genetics. Even a small person can end up with loose skin. Jane Fonda has it now. It’s mostly a question of how bad and when.

If you have batwings, surgery is unfortunately your only option. Weight training will lessen their appearance, but surgery is the only thing that will get rid of them.

Congrats on losing all that weight.