Do soap actors ever/often/always wear their own clothes?

I just wondered this while watching Corronation Street. I suppose it doesn’t really matter what the person is wearing as long as it’s the same from scene to scene and unless it is in context to the story (if the person is a mechanic or a suit wearing boss etc…)

I’m going to say “never.”

The few times I’ve had professional acting gigs, the contract stipulated that the employer would provide a complete wardrobe, down to underwear if we wanted it (nobody did). It’s a union requirement.

Further, there’s tons of money to be made in product placement, even if they don’t specifically show the brand. Check the credits to see if there’s a “promotional consideration” reference to either a clothes label (e.g. DKNY) or a retailer (e.g. Bloomingdale’s). If so, some of the clothes would have been provided to the production by said operation at a substantial discount in exchange for the exposure.

Ah, thanks. that makes sense.

I just wondered it after noticing most of the characters were wearing fairly unspectacular clothing (easily forgettable)
What about extras? Say there’s a pub full of non-speaking background poeple. will all their clothing be provided for them?