Do the Clintons sleep together?

If only for appearance sake? I can’t imagine them having sex, even by Bill’s narrowed definition.

For the purposes of this thread, do they even spoon?

How the hell is this anybody’s business but theirs?

Doubt they have sex, probably have not in YEARS. Not that I care or is our business. Whether they go to bed with each other, who knows?

This should be in Mundane Things or My Humble Opinion.

I was going to say the same thing. :rolleyes:

Have you called their local campaign center to ask?

We’ll wait.

who cares. They’ll likely make a better president than Trump.

The real question is whether trump can get ready for the act without looking at images of himself.

What possible effect could this have on the election? It’s nobody’s business except for Mr and Mrs. Clinton.

Who gives a flying fuck?


Let’s try IMHO.


Get a life.

I like to think they do. It’s nice. We do. I hope our next president enjoys life, as much as our current one does.

ETA: (I chose to take the OP at face value and was speaking specifically of spooning)

And their partners… :smiley:

OP: Now that you’ve put that image into my brain, how in hell do I remove it?

Two words: Janet Reno…

Ah, the great American political tradition of panty-sniffing. Nice.

If I was either one of them I’d never close my eyes around the other.

They would sleep together for appearance sake? Who would peer into that? I’ve never known nor heard anything about any of the candidates’ sleeping arrangements. For the Clintons, I have always assumed that they both lead such busy lives that they sleep apart more often than together. Of course the time I spend thinking about their sleeping arrangements would be measured with a stopwatch accurate to the tenth of a second.

Not that it matters but I doubt it. I know other marriages that are much more about business, finance and success than they are love so they are far from unusual in that. And if it works for them and they are happy with it, God bless them for it and the heck with everyone else.