Bill Clinton's penis a lock to move back into White House?

So, we can agree that Hillary is a lock, yes? So that means Bill Clinton and his notorious penis can finally move back into the White House?

Is this a vindication of the sort of entitled male culture that, on meeting a new woman of moderate sexiness, simply drops trousers and says, “Kiss it!”?

Are you relieved? Excited? Hot and/or bothered? Dare I suggest, dismayed?

No, Hillary is not a lock. I try not to think about her husband’s equipment.

What a bizarre question.

But do you succeed?

Can you pass me some of that good shit?

This is a witnessing thread for the cult of The Clenis.

Mr. Bill’s penis gets what Mr. Bill’s penis wants - White House or not! :cool:

Do I understand the OP is suggesting that Hillary should not be elected because her husband cheated on her?

I’d laugh pretty hard if Hillary divorced Bill in her acceptance speech for her second term as president.

I’m curious if the sexual indiscretions of any of the previous first ladies have ever been a political concern.

I just want a sane, competent, experienced president. The fact that her husband will be be a solid advisor is a positive; his sexual history is irrelevant.

I’m moving this to the Pit. The OP itself is right on the edge of the ‘sexual gratification’ rule anyway.

Thinking that is what led to GWB being President. Clinton has not changed. Starting around September you’re going to be seeing stories on his more lurid affairs, and the media hasn’t even begun to explore his friend Jeffrey Epstein.

… when and where did that “culture” happen? Does that happen to you a lot?

At least, so far as we know, Bill Clinton doesn’t want to bang his daughter.

Wow. A bunch of innocents here.

And if so, is our OP some kind of obscure stealth brag?

Isn’t there some rule about politicians having to give up their seats on company boards while holding certain offices? Bill may not be formally holding an office, but maybe he could be required to store his junk in a safety deposit box somewhere for the duration.

(Myself, I do consider Hillary a lock.)

Oh, trust me, I’m far from innocent. But I’d still like to know if guys dropping trou and telling you to “kiss it” (immediately upon meeting you no less) is a regular occurrence for you, as that’s one I admittedly haven’t heard of. And does it work?

He should just control himself, and if he can’t, Hillary should just finally admit that her husband is mentally ill.

Just confused about your point.